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Spring is upon us! And with warmer weather comes an increase in storms. During this time of year, we witness everything from torrential downpours to hail the size of golf balls. These severe storms wreak havoc on everything in their path, and our homeowners are forced to deal with the trail of destruction left behind. It’s impossible to predict the degree of damage a storm will bring. For your peace of mind as the owner, contact Shamrock Roofing and Construction in Overland Park.

Shamrock Roofing

We have your best interests at heart during the annual storm season. Whether hail, strong winds, or heavy rain, don’t postpone your roof inspection.

“Just because the roof isn’t leaking now, that doesn’t mean it won’t leak in the future,” says Tom McMahon, General Manager. “The last thing we want is for homeowners to wait and end up with hundreds or even thousands of dollars in damage.”

Daniel Clarke, Branch Manager in Lee’s Summit, is in his third season with Shamrock. After each storm, he witnesses local roofing companies and out-of-state storm chasers rush to compete for business in the same areas. However, this increase in competition does not derail individuals like Clarke.

“It’s true, you are competing with other roofers. However, the truest form of competition is against your own mind. This time of year is a true test of character,” says Clarke. “You should be asking yourself: “‘How far am I willing to go to be successful?’”.

Being a Branch Manager makes Clarke responsible for all the sales guys stationed in the Lee’s Summit area. He works hard to be a positive, successful example and inspire his team to help as many Midwest homeowners as possible.

“I preach to my team that we are all leaders,” Clarke says proudly. “While everyone has their individual goals; my overall vision is to support my team in executing these goals and getting the WIN for Shamrock.”

Your local, family-owned roofing contractor takes weather-related roof damage very seriously. One call and you’ll have a highly-trained professional, like Clarke, on your roof looking for missing or damaged shingles, blocked or dented gutters, along with other potential problems.

Clarke shared his process for assessing storm damage. The first sign is the downspouts. He performs roof inspections as if he were the insurance adjuster, because he knows insurance companies look for qualifying, reasonable and legitimate damage to the gutter system. When he is up on the roof, he’ll use a 10’x10’ test square to look for hail damage.


Kansans know how unpredictable storm season can be, which is why it is a relief to know Shamrock Roofing and Construction is on your side. You’ll have a qualified roofer at your service to restore your home. There will be no frustration when filing a claim with insurance, because we’ll be right there to help. 

“Helping people is my priority,” says Clarke with a smile. “One of my favorite things is meeting new people and building relationships with these homeowners.” 

Shamrock cares very deeply for our midwest neighbors, which is exactly why we’re prepared for any violent precipitation that pays a visit to Overland Park, Lee’s Summit, Shawnee, or Kansas City. If you haven’t yet, give us a call to request a roof inspection today. Your home means as much to us as it does to you.