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Flat Roof Ponding – Part 1

Due to the vertical size and absence of slope, it’s difficult to maintain commercial roofing in comparison to residential roofing. Nonetheless, both commercial and residential roofs can have countless challenges such as blocked drainage, damages occurred during storms or bad weathers and flat roof ponding. The more projecting challenge is flat roof ponding which, if left unattended to, can lead to various other issues.

You may find below the most common scenarios of roof ponding and the consequences of the same.

Amplified Exposure to UV Rays

If water ponds become a permanent resident on your flat roof, you have to be vigilant of ultraviolet rays. The UV rays can be very harmful as the combination of flat water ponds and UV rays can activate the harmful feature of the rays. 

This can harm your roofing system as the unattended water can act as a magnifying glass that generates increased revelation of your roof to the ultraviolet rays. This can make your roofing system defenceless and lead to eventual corrosion. 

Stockpiling of Dirt

If you have neglected the water ponding on your flat roofing, you have invited a stockpiling of dirt. There will be an increase in growth of unwanted plants and fungus which will in turn get into the core of the structure impacting its structural strength and durability.  

In addition to the unwanted plants, it will also become a habitat for insects and bugs which can also be a source of additional issues for your roofing system. However, a regular check on the roof ponding can help avoid these issues. In the worst case scenario, you can simply replace your roofing system.