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Flat Roof Ponding – Part 2

Further, continuing with consequences of flat roof ponding

Lifespan of Roof

If you allow the water ponding to remain on the roof, it will eventually start damaging the quality of the roof, affecting the longevity of the roofing system. It can cause damage to the materials used to keep the pieces attached and the protective shield that the combination creates. 

Therefore, even after spending lavish amount on the best quality and best fitting service for your roofing system, it can still injure the reliability of the roof and start causing leakage. To maintain the increased lifespan of the roofing system, it is important to take care of the environment surrounding the roof along with choosing the best quality products for the best quality roofing system.

How to prevent Flat roof ponding

Once the water ponding has started, it means the damage has already started and it may be too late to take precautionary actions. The only helpful action in this case would be to remove the water and clean the roof thoroughly and maintain dryness for another couple of weeks to ensure water ponding doesn’t repeat. There are two ends to this, as the water ponding can also be a result of clogged pipes and sewers. 

Hence, you have to keep these clean and uncongested so the water can be drained out freely preventing water ponding on the roof. It is of utmost importance that a regular and timely clean-up has been conducted on the roofing system, which will decrease the chances of impaired roofing system and increased longevity.