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Flatten It Out – Benefits of a Flat Roof

Getting ready to install a new roof is a major task. A considerable amount of thought and debate goes into the process of selecting the perfect fit for your home or commercial property. After all, your roof is one of your most significant assets!

Flat roofs are a trending asset for many local homeowners and commercial property managers. While this roof type is still somewhat controversial, a flat roof offers a myriad of benefits that should be factored into the equation when discussing roof replacement. Engaging the help of a flat roof specialist is a must-do when you’re ready to fully evaluate roofing pros and cons; the specialists can help you determine whether a flat roof is right for your home. But here are a few of the perks you’ll get the benefit of if you decide to go with a flat roof.

A Less Expensive Alternative

One of the primary reasons flat roofs have become so popular is the price point. When compared to more traditionally sloped roof designs, a flat roofing in Kansas City is significantly more affordable. Flat roofs offer some of the least expensive installation fees on the market because they do not require aesthetic, individualized installations like shingles or panels. Adding a protecting covering like TPO, or modified bitumen is a lot easier than installing a sloped roof with shingles. This perk is rather appealing to many homeowners as they’re evaluating the expense of a roof replacement project. Also, flat roofs are highly durable, which means they’ll last for many years with relatively few repairs throughout the roof’s lifespan. This is good news for homeowners who don’t want to bother replacing the roof a second time.

Easy Access for Regular Inspection

Any flat roof specialist will tell you that regular inspection is crucial. Inspections allow roofers to pinpoint issues and address them before they become more extensive and more costly. Unlike sloped roofing patterns, flat roofs provide a much more accessible rooftop, which makes inspections (even self-inspections) easier than ever before. Plus, flat roofs offer the bonus of added safety with more secure footing while performing maintenance inspections.

A Utility Player

Flat roofs are also multi-purpose in nature. A flat roof in Overland Park, KS, (or the surrounding metro areas) could be used as a relaxing rooftop garden or a lounge area for those Midwestern barbecues; or it could be converted to a second apartment space for extra income. There are many possibilities for flat roof scenarios if you use your imagination. This is one of the many reasons that flat roofs are gaining traction in the residential space.

Looking for a Flat Roof Specialist? Our Team Has You Covered!

Flat roof installation requires the help and expertise of a flat roof specialist. Our team at Shamrock Roofing and Construction is prepared to assist with all your roofing needs. We’re well-equipped to offer our guidance and expertise on any flat roof project in Lenexa, Shawnee, or anywhere else in the greater Kansas City and Overland Park metro area. We’ll inspect your roof free of charge, so schedule a consultation today!