Focus on Clay Tile: Pros and Cons

Clay tile roofing has long been heralded as a luxury roofing product. Many homeowners dream of adding a Mediterranean flair to their home with this eclectic roofing style. But clay tile roofs can be expensive. They often fall outside the budget parameters of many Americans.

In recent years, this roofing material has grown in popularity, and many homeowners have found the pros to outweigh the cons. That said, before you make any decisions about your roof replacement in Arkansas, it’s best to do the analysis yourself. Here’s some information to get you started. 

But First: What Is a Clay Tile Roof?

Many homeowners are familiar with the positive reputation of a clay tile roof, but we often get asked this question: Is a clay tile roof really made of clay? We can definitively say yes! Clay tile roofing is made from authentic terra cotta. This tile is beefed up with a thin glaze made of silica, manganese, and aluminum oxide, which enhances its strength and durability. This glaze also removes some of the rustic look of the terra cotta, replacing it with a more sophisticated veneer that enables the customization features so loved by homeowners and architects who opt for this style. 

What’s to Love about Clay Roofing?

Clay tile roofing is considered a luxury line in the roofing world. Clay is strong and highly durable, withstanding even the most extreme weather conditions. Roofing contractors in Arkansas continue to be impressed with clay tile’s resistance to wind, fire, and brute impact, such as force from perimeter debris or hail. 

It’s also highly customizable with limited maintenance requirements — a double win for homeowners who prefer a high-end look without the hassle. Clay is customizable in size, color, shape, and texture, so no two clay-tiled homes are alike. Clay is fully recyclable at the end of its lifespan, giving it extra points with environmentally conscious consumers.

Here’s an added bonus: Clay tile roofs can last anywhere from 50 to 100 years. If you choose to invest in clay tile for your home, the chances are good that you’ll never have to replace the roof again!

What are the Cons?

Clay tile roofs are pricey for many reasons. The process used to create the tiles is labor-intensive. The installation process is also very technical. Not every roofer has the experience and technical knowledge required to do the job correctly. This means you’ll probably pay a premium for your new roof. Also, clay tiles are quite heavy, especially compared to other roofing products, and may not be suitable for every architectural style. Your roofing contractor in Arkansas can measure the frame and slope of your roof to determine if clay tile roofing is an option for your home. 

Considering Clay? Give Shamrock Roofing and Construction a Call

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