Forget the DIY. Here’s What Not to Do on Your Roof

DIY can hurt a residential roof

You have to admire homeowners who have the confidence and the chutzpah to climb up on their roofs and do their own roofing maintenance and repair. But roofing projects are some of the most challenging, and you can get yourself in trouble quickly if you’re not careful. That’s when the experience of a residential roofer in Overland Park comes in handy.

Most homeowners know how expensive maintenance on a home is, and you can’t blame them for looking for solutions to this challenge. One of the most popular is to do the work themselves. This do-it-yourself mentality works well on many home projects: repainting rooms or replacing the float in a toilet tank, for example. However, a DIY attitude can get homeowners in trouble if they don’t fully understand the danger or implications of what they’re attempting. 

What Not to Do on the Roof

When it comes to roof repair and maintenance, this work is best left to professionals. Take a look at this list of things you should not attempt to do on your own. These are situations that an experienced Overland Park roofer should handle.

Don’t walk on the roof. If you’re looking for spots that need repair, it makes sense that you’d climb a ladder and get up on the roof, right? But walking around on the roof is not only very dangerous, but it could also cause more damage than what you may already have. Walking around on the roof can damage most roofing materials and may also dislodge shingles, leading to moisture intrusion. And that’s something you don’t want.

Also, some roofing materials are more slippery than others, especially when there’s moisture on the roof. For example, slate tiles are more treacherous than asphalt shingles when it’s wet out. Since most roofs have a slope to them, this creates a perilous situation for the DIY amateur. It’s best to leave the roof-walking to professional Overland Park roofers. 

Don’t use a pressure washer to clean the roof. Just as walking around on the roof can damage it, so can a high-powered pressure washer. It is a good idea to keep the surface of the roof clean and keep leaves, dirt, and other debris from accumulating. But use a regular garden hose for the task. A pressure washer has too much force and can damage roofing materials or force water up under the shingles and into the attic.

Don’t install “extras” on your own. Installing a satellite dish or solar panels yourself may seem like another good way to save some moolah. But don’t do it! It’s one of the most common mistakes homeowners make, but it can result in expensive repairs down the road. Setting satellite dishes and solar panels in place so that they stay put involves drilling holes in the roof. If not done correctly, you could seriously damage and ultimately ruin your roof. This is another project best left to professionals.

Don’t remove shingles to check for damage. Never pull shingles off the roof, even if you suspect a leak underneath. DIY homeowners who remove shingles run the risk of breaking or damaging them, which could result in costly repairs in the future. If you need a roof inspection, call in experts. That’s what they’re here for.

Forget DIY. A Residential Roofer in Overland Park is a Better Choice

Paying for a professional Overland Park roofer may not seem to make sense when you can do the work yourself, but it’s the best solution for roof repair and maintenance. Reputable roofers have years of experience and know how to care for roofs the right way – and do it safely.

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