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Four Common Sources of Roof Damage

A roof is built for durability and protection, but damage to it is inevitable. Every homeowner will most likely experience some kind of roof problem in their lifetime, and if not, well, they’re just lucky. According to roofing contractors in Omaha, Nebraska, there are four common sources of roof damage, and knowing what they are can help you prepare for it before it gets really bad.  

Sources of Roof Damage Rain 

The most obvious source of roofing problems is rain. Every roof, no matter how well built, is susceptible to a leaky roof. This is especially true in regions that experience constant rain throughout the year and snow during the winter. Common areas that an Omaha roofing company will find are rain penetrating a roof include around damaged flashing, spots where shingles are missing, and clogged gutters 


Yep, sunlight can cause harm to your roof! This source is relatively unbeknownst among many homeowners because everyone thinks rain is the primary weather culprit of damaged roofs. However, sunlight and heat typically cause a roof to leak in the first place! With heat, shingles expand and contract, ultimately causing them to become brittle and crack. This is why having roofing companies in Omaha complete annual roof inspections is key in preventing such damage.  


With thunderstorms sometimes come hail, strong gusts of wind, and fallen trees. Such impact is another very common source of damage to a roof. Fortunately, strong impact is typically noticeable and forces you to call for emergency roof repair in Omaha NE right away. 

Faulty Installation

By not doing your research on the your roofing companies in Omaha, and just hiring anyone who claims to be the best roofer in Omaha, you risk a faulty installation. This will undoubtedly cause significant problems right away or down the road. Before any roof labor goes underway, always check to see if the company offering premier roofing in Omaha Nebraska is licensed and insured for a quality installation and also see if they offer financing.