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Frequently Asked Questions about Metal Roofing

metal roof on new home

Metal roofing has made a comeback recently, and more homeowners are inquiring about the specifics of modern metal roofs. Many farm homes in the early and mid-1900s were built with metal and tin roofs, most of which have been replaced by now. If you look hard enough, you might find an old barn or two that still sports an original corrugated metal roof. 

The growth in the popularity of metal roofing has led to many questions about this material. Shamrock Roofing and Construction, a trusted McKinney roofing company specializing in metal roofs, is here to help homeowners get answers to their questions about metal roofing. When it comes to any aspect of residential or commercial roofing in McKinney, TX, Shamrock Roofing is your source for the latest information.

Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions about metal roofing that Shamrock hears from curious homeowners regularly.

Are metal roofs more expensive than asphalt and other shingles? 

A metal roof can cost up to three times more than asphalt and other roofing materials. But they make up for that in longevity; metal roofs last quite a bit longer than other roofing in McKinney, TX. Metal roofs are also more energy-efficient and save you money in other areas regarding home expenses. 

How long does a metal roof last?

You’ve probably read that a typical roof installation can last up to 30 years, which is a pretty impressive amount of time. However, metal roofs can last as long as 70 years! No wonder those old designs stuck around for so long. This means you could potentially build a home with a metal roof, and the original will last for the lifetime of your home. 

I’ve heard metal roofs are more prone to hail damage. Is that true?

Metal roofs are typically more resistant to hail than most other types of roofing systems. A quality metal roof will be rated a Class 4 in the damage and impact category. This is the highest rating awarded to any type of roofing material. Metal roofs are also highly efficient when it comes to sun and wind damage. They have been known to stand up to winds of over 140 mph, making them one of the toughest roofs on the market. 

Are metal roofs more likely to be hit by lightning?

Surprisingly, metal roofs have no higher chance of being struck by lightning than any other material used. If lightning ever does strike your roof, a high-quality metal roof will be rated a Class A for fire damage, which leaves you more protected than standard shingles and tiles. 

Will a metal roof interfere with a cell phone or Wi-Fi signal?

Like any other piece of metal, it’s possible that a metal roof may lower the quality of your Wi-Fi signal. If this is the case, purchasing a high-quality router and a long-range repeater can increase the strength of your signal and often counteracts these signal issues. It’s unlikely that a metal roof will interfere with your cell phone reception.

Is a metal roof eco-friendly? 

When older composition roofs reach the end of their life, they end up going to landfills, which are very hazardous to our environment. Metal roofing is made with up to 90% recycled materials and can be recycled into new roofs once they are torn off and discarded. 

Shamrock Roofing is Your McKinney Roofing Company for Metal Roofs

If you’re thinking about options for new roofing, McKinney, TX, experts Shamrock Roofing and Construction can help. We offer a free roof inspection for anyone interested in understanding the current condition of their roof. 

If you’re interested in replacing your old roof with a new metal roof, contact us today to schedule your free roof inspection. We’ll make sure all the FAQs are answered before any work begins.