Get Ready for Spring with these Roof Maintenance Tips

After being cooped up all winter, many Kansas City homeowners are ready to welcome spring with open arms. While the season brings a lot of sweet treats (warmer weather, fresh green lawns, and seasonal blooms), it also rides the tail end of winter. The area often sees last-minute storms that can harm your home’s exterior, especially the roof.

That said, a roof maintenance plan is the best way to prepare for a new season. Here’s what the experts at Shamrock Roofing and Construction recommend when it comes to getting your Overland Park roof ready for spring.

Schedule an Inspection

Any reputable roofing company in Kansas City will suggest you schedule a roof inspection before the season strikes. A thorough examination of your roof by an experienced professional allows you to get a clear picture of your roof’s current condition. It provides an opportunity to fix minor damage and offers the chance to flag any future concerns. 

Many roofing companies, including Shamrock Roofing and Construction, offer free roof inspections. Give us a call to get on the calendar!

Clear Out the Gutters

Gutter systems are amazing contraptions. They’re highly effective at rerouting water and protecting your rooftop and your foundation. However, after a long winter, it’s not uncommon for your home’s gutter system to drop off in functionality. With a quick checkup, you might find your gutters full of remnants from the fall and winter (think leaves, sticks, and debris). 

If left unattended, clogged gutters can do major damage when spring showers arrive. The water will have nowhere to go except up under your shingles or over the edge of the gutters into your foundation. Either way, you’ll be looking at bigger repairs than you want in the future.

Fix Obvious Problems

Sometimes roof repairs on Kansas City homes are obvious to the naked eye. Other times, they require the critique of a trained expert. Either way, taking care of obvious damage is a must-do before spring — and before the issue gets any worse. Missing shingles, bent flashing, or large dents and dings are all reasons to start searching for an established roofing company in Kansas City to manage ongoing roof care. 

Secure Ventilation Routes

Adequate ventilation is one of the most critical features of a well-functioning roofing structure. Ventilation assists with air circulation, keeping your home comfortable and reducing the risk of mold or mildew growth in the attic and elsewhere. Hiring a roofer to double-check your ventilation system is a great idea, especially before the rainy spring season gets here. 

Clean Up the Perimeter

After a long winter, many of the trees and shrubs surrounding your house may look a little tired and unkempt. The weight of heavy snow combined with high-speed winds may have loosened branches, creating hazards you don’t want to deal with come spring. A simple solution is to spend an afternoon trimming and pruning around your home’s perimeter. This minimizes the chance that a loose branch will strike your roof during a thunderstorm. It also reduces the possibility of needing a roof repair on your Kansas City home come spring. 

Call Shamrock Roofing for Your Spring Roofing Needs!

Whether you’re new to homeownership and roof care or you’re a long-time Overland Park homeowner, it’s time to start crafting your spring roof maintenance plan. Shamrock Roofing and Construction can help. We offer a free roof inspection for Kansas City area homeowners. This inspection is a great place to start when considering roof maintenance. 

Contact us today for more information or to get your free roof inspection scheduled. And get ready for that warm spring weather!