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Getting Algae & Moss Off Your Roof

What causes mold on your roof, and how do you get rid of it?

This is a question that many Residential roofing Kansas City contractors hear frequently.  No one wants mold, moss, or algae on his or her roof.  They can cause permanent staining, and even in some severe cases, cause potential leaking that spread into your attic or installation.  Getting algae & moss off your roof is an essential piece of proper roof maintenance.

If you have black mold-like streaks and stains on your roof, which appear to be lighter colored and rest on asphalt shingles, is considered to be blue-green algae.  This type of algae is most commonly found in climates with warm weather and humid summer.  This type of algae does not damage your roof, but it does cause ugly stains and streaks.

There are several steps a homeowner can take to resolve this issue.  Remember to always consult with quality residential or commercial roofing contractors in Kansas City before attempting any form of roof repair in Kansas City on your own.

You can replace all of your older shingles with newer darker shingles, that will better disguise the staining and streaking, but this does not resolve your issue, only disguise it.  Shingles laced with copper granules act as an opponent to algae.  The copper granules in these shingles are lethal to most forms of algae.  Although this is one solution, the best roofer in Kansas City won’t encourage this method unless your roof is older, and shingles need to be replaced anyway.

The less expensive method to fight against mold and algae is to spray and wash your roof with a 50% mix of water and bleach.  This method is less costly but can be damaging to your roof if you use too much bleach.  Make sure to consult with a Kansas City roofing company before attempting any maintenance on your own.  To wash your roof correctly, wet your foundation plantings, and then rinse everything in clean water when you’re done.  You don’t want to let the bleach rest on your roof any longer than it needs to.  Wetting the plants around your roof before washing it with bleach will make it easier for your plants to defend against the bleach.  Plain water helps to protect your plants from this damaging procedure.

Every owner of a new roof in Kansas City wants to know new roof tips for how to ensure that the algae does not come back.  Washing your roof can be tedious, and not a chore a homeowner wants to do time and time again.  Consult with your trusted premium Kansas City roofing contractor and insert 6-inch wide strips of zinc or copper under the row of shingles closest to the roof peak.  Make sure to leave one to two inches exposed to the weather.  Whenever it rains, the water will wash some of the metal molecules down your roof, killing any algae along the way.

Call your premium Kansas City roofing contractor today, and ask them how to best fight back against your roof’s moss and algae.