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Green Roofs Are Growing (Literally!)

When the construction industry states that the market for green roofing is taking off, you might think that the use of sustainable or recyclable materials is becoming a more significant part of the industry. If that’s your notion, you might be surprised to discover that “green” roofs in the roofing business are actually green. In fact, the benefits of installing a roof made of plants have been well documented, and the trend is up for commercial roof replacement in Kansas City.

A green roof system is an extension of an existing roof that involves a waterproofing layer, root-repellent system, drainage system, filter cloth, lightweight soil, and finally, living plants. Not only is a green roof a great way to create an attractive space for the top of a commercial building, but there are many practical reasons why green roofs make sense.

Benefits of a Green Roof

Here are a few reasons commercial building owners are moving toward green roofs.

Aesthetics. Many commercial office building, condominium, and apartment building owners recognize the value of providing outdoor areas where their tenants can breathe fresh air and engage with nature. What better way to provide a natural setting than incorporating plants into the roof? It’s incredible how quickly a landscaper can transform a rooftop by planting a unique array of trees, shrubs, and flowering plants. The overall effect is stunning, and many commercial building owners use their green roof as a selling point to attract new tenants.  

Sustainable design. Green roofs have many characteristics that make for a very sustainable design. The roof vegetation protects the waterproof roof membrane, allowing it to last much longer. This extends the life of the roof and reduces the costs of repairs and maintenance needed by a commercial roofing contractor in Kansas City. Also, a typical commercial building with a green roof retains an estimated 70% of any rainfall, dramatically reducing storm runoff and supporting the growth of the roof.

Energy efficiency. In addition to capturing rain, green roofs are particularly good at reducing exposure to both intense heat and extreme cold. Instead of relying on only a waterproof membrane, green roofs have built-in organic insulators in the soil and plant life. Sunlight no longer heats up the building, increasing cooling costs. Rather, the plants absorb the light for themselves. Adding a green roof to a building helps lower utility costs. It’s an economical option for building owners needing a roof replacement in Kansas City.

Fire retardation. A commercial roof has to have a fire rating that meets or exceeds the standards set by city codes and ordinances. Many people don’t realize that green roofs are naturally and inherently designed to exceed fire codes without investing in additional materials. Both the soil and plant life provide natural fire safety prevention.

Noise reduction. In many commercial buildings, the elimination of external noise must be designed into the building. Items such as insulation, windows, and roofing have to work together to achieve the desired sound transmission level. The natural noise-reducing qualities of plants and soil provide noise reduction without additional investment. 

Ready to Go Green?

If you’re looking for a commercial roof replacement in Kansas City, consider looking into a green roof. And your first call should be to a trusted roofing contractor in Kansas City — like Shamrock Roofing and Construction. We have the experience you’re looking for when it comes to all commercial roofing services. Contact us for more information or to schedule an appointment for a consultation today. Then get ready to promote your new outdoor space!