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Handling Roof Repairs on Tenant-Occupied Properties

Suburban apartment building

Most KC roofing contractors are familiar with the challenges that come with roof repairs or replacing a roof in a tenant-occupied building. In fact, this is part of why many local roofers choose to work only on residential properties. Replacing a roof on a multi-family building often means tearing off the old roof and installing the new one while tenants are trying to live their lives down below. And that means getting the job done and minimizing disruption to the tenants at the same time.

At Shamrock Roofing and Construction, we have this process down. We’ve been handling the commercial roofing needs of property owners in and around Kansas City for over 55 years. If you’re looking for a roofing contractor near Olathe to do roof repairs on a tenant-owned or multi-family property, we can help.

Here’s a little more on how we go about roof repairs in a tenant-occupied building.

We Start with a Commercial Roof Evaluation

The first step is to perform a commercial roof inspection to determine the condition of the current roof and identify issues that need to be addressed. Our roofing pros will climb up and take a good look at the roof, inspecting everything to see where moisture might be pooling or leaking into places it shouldn’t. Our inspection includes common pain points like skylights, vents, drain pipes, and gutters. If we feel it’s necessary, we’ll use drones to get a closer look at the roof from above.

Once the inspection is finished, we’ll send the building owner or property manager a detailed report that includes our findings and recommended of roof repairs.

Next, We Prepare for the Job

We know it’s challenging to do construction work around occupied offices or apartments. That’s why we focus on getting in and out of the building in the shortest amount of time. We’ll schedule our work for a time that’s convenient for you. We also schedule the delivery of materials and any heavy equipment that’s needed, such as sky lifts and commercial dumpsters, well in advance. We don’t want them arriving on-site any sooner than they’re needed. Parking space is often at a premium in commercial buildings, and we promise not to clog up your parking lot during the project.

We Monitor the Job Closely

Once work begins, our project managers monitor the job closely and keep you informed of what’s going on at all times. We’re here to answer your questions, keep the job on schedule, and make sure we clean up after we’re done. It’s always our goal to leave your property in as good as — or better — condition than we found it.

Your KC Roofing and Construction Experts

If you’re looking for a roofing contractor in Olathe to handle roof repairs for your tenant-occupied building, contact us at Shamrock Roofing and Construction. We’ve refined our process for handling jobs like this, and we think you’ll be pleased with the way it works. Our commercial clients report that they experience minimal disruption and receive very few, if any, complaints from building tenants when we’re on the job. We’ll help you take care of commercial roof repairs quickly and quietly so you and your tenants can stay focused on your own projects!