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Heart Transplant Survivor Celebrates Donate Life Month

Did you know 16 people die each day waiting for an organ transplant? What about that every eight minutes another person joins the waitlist? Or, more surprisingly, that 75 lives can be saved through one organ, eye, and tissue donor?

April is nationally known as Donate Life Month. These 30 days celebrate organ, eye, and tissue donors while encouraging others to register. At any given time, there are around 100,000 individuals awaiting a miracle. 

The theme of 2024 Donate Life Month is “Donors are Superstars”. According to the mission-driven, non-profit organization, the idea came from “the night sky and the billions of stars that make up the universe. Stars remind us that even in the darkest night, there is light.” 

Heart Transplant

Becoming a donor is a beautiful way to serve as a light for someone patiently waiting for a lifesaving transplant. Here at Shamrock Roofing and Construction, the Executive Director shares a special connection with Donate Life America. 

A simple sinus infection led to Garen Armstrong’s heart failure. From the day the infection hit, it took 45 days for him to reach full-on heart failure. He was Code Blue at the hospital before receiving the HeartMate 3, known as the LVAD, to take on the role of his heart. Armstrong was the first patient to receive this groundbreaking device at KU Hospital. 

“I thought I was sick with pneumonia or an ulcer. Then they came in and delivered the devastating news that I had heart failure. Only 10 percent of my heart was working.”

For those unfamiliar, the LVAD is a Left Ventricular Assist Device. It is a mechanical pump, operated by a battery, that helps individuals with end-stage heart failure. This innovative device pumped blood through Armstrong’s body to keep him alive until the day of his transplant.

Doctors refer to the HeartMate 3 as bridge-to-transplant therapy. The patient has no pulse or heartbeat, just blood flow to keep the rest of the organs alive and functional. 

“The waiting is always the hardest part. I was staying active with my kids and with Shamrock,” shared Armstrong. “While I tried my hardest to be everywhere and do everything, sometimes my health just wasn’t there. I was literally running on batteries.” 

After a long battle with six heart surgeries in only five years, Garen Armstrong received his heart transplant on December 11, 2020 at University of Kansas Hospital. His family, friends, and co-workers were thrilled Armstrong finally had a donor heart beating inside his chest. 

“I am truly blessed, and God has had so much favor on me by keeping me alive through this journey. I always say, ‘This didn’t happen to me; this happened for me.’”

Armstrong reflected on what to do next during his healing process. He’d waited years for this new heart and now he had it. He knew his powerful testimony could inspire others, which is why he chose to be a light to those still fighting their own battles.

Despite Armstrong never connecting with his donor’s family, he continues to pray for them. Each year, he supports Donate Life America in whatever way he can.

“I am alive because of Donate Life. I waited close to three years on the transplant list. Many people die while waiting for their organs; I am one of the lucky ones. That’s why I want to help raise awareness to help others receive the precious gift of life.” 

If you’d like to support this non-profit organization, we urge you to set up a fundraiser on behalf of Donate Life America or give a one-time or monthly financial gift. There are also ways to get involved locally to educate others about organ donation. 

Visit to learn more about how to save lives and make the ultimate difference. Remember, you could be a light to someone in darkness. Join Garen Armstrong and the entire Shamrock Family as we celebrate the importance of Donate Life Month.