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Here’s How to Get the Maximum Life Out of Your Roof

Extend the life of your roof with these tips.

For many homeowners, a home is not just a place to make memories. It’s also a long-term investment. The average homeowner spends five to seven years in a home before selling it, with the ultimate goal of reaping a profitable return. That said, to financially profit from selling a home, owners must be diligent about maintaining the asset and maximizing the lifespan of its major components. One area of your home that reaps the greatest resale value is the roofing structure. Roof replacements are expensive (and often inevitable after a certain time).

Still, there are ways to maximize the lifespan of your roof and keep it in top shape. Here are the best tips and tricks for getting the maximum life out of your roof from Shamrock Roofing and Construction. 

Invest in a Yearly Inspection

While there are many roof maintenance tasks you can do on your own, there are times when it is best to hire a professional roofing company in Omaha. An annual roof evaluation is one such occasion. 

Roofing experts are specially trained to catch minor problems that could escalate if not addressed quickly. Their expertise is also helpful if a roof replacement will be required soon. They can provide free roof repair estimates and help you plan for the next step. Regardless of whether you go with a pro or not, an annual inspection is a great habit to create if you want to maximize your roof’s lifespan. 

Clean Out the Gutters 

One simple way to take care of your roof is to clean out the gutters with each season. Open gutters channel water away from your roof, protecting it from pooled water after a heavy rain or storm. Gutters clogged with leaves, sticks, and other debris don’t operate as effectively and may result in standing water and a pesky leak. Unfortunately, once a roof leak festers, it is extremely difficult to reverse the damage. Therefore, regular gutter maintenance is a must-do. Gutter specialists can help keep the gutters cleaned out, but you can also do it yourself if you feel confident on a ladder!

Check Ventilation Routes

Proper ventilation is necessary for a healthy roofing system. Good ventilation routes release extra heat and moisture and allow fresh air and sunlight to filter inside. Without adequate ventilation, your rooftop can develop cool, damp areas — a breeding ground for mold and mildew. A well-trained residential roofer such as Shamrock Roofing can help you identify any gaps in your ventilation system so you can protect your rooftop and extend your roof’s lifespan.  

Looking for a Roofing Company in Omaha? We’re Your Team!

If you’re looking for local gutter specialists or you need free roof repair estimates, Shamrock Roofing and Construction is your go-to roofing company in the greater Omaha area. Whether you’re concerned about your rooftop or you’d like to get on the schedule for an inspection, we are here to help! Contact us to schedule a consultation today.