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Here’s What You Get with a Free Roof Inspection from Shamrock

The roof of your property serves many purposes. As a utility player, it provides structure to the home and protection from the elements for your family and all your possessions. An attractive roof also adds to your curb appeal. That said, keeping up with roof maintenance is a must-do to retain your home’s value and keep your assets and family members safe. 

The only way to fully understand your roof’s condition is through a roof inspection. Luckily, the best roofing company in Arkansas — Shamrock Roofing and Construction — offers a free roof inspection to area homeowners. This inspection and the resulting report give you a chance to identify and correct any issues before they become too damaging or too expensive to address easily. 

Here’s what to expect from a free roof inspection from Shamrock Roofing and Construction. 

Confirm the Type of Roof

Our experienced roofers will begin by assessing the type of roofing materials used on your home. To do this, they will eyeball the shingles and identify the initial installation strategy.  Understanding the composition of the roof and getting a grasp on the installation process provides valuable information and direction for the rest of the inspection process.

Pinpoint Damaged or Worn Sections

Next, we’ll need to climb up onto the roof. To figure out the current status of the roof and determine whether you’re a candidate for roof repair in Arkansas, one of our roofers will investigate all areas of the roof, i.e., the eaves, flashing, gutters, and shingles, for signs of apparent damage. 

We like to conduct the inspection in 10×10’ sections to ensure we cover every inch and don’t miss anything. As we go, we mark any noticeable damage with white chalk, take a photo, and present our findings to you in a written report. This physical evidence will come in handy if you end up filing an insurance claim. 

Check Interior Integrity

Our experts on roofing in Arkansas will also want to assess the interior of your home. Stains and cracks in the ceiling may be indications that you have a roof leak. Your roofer might also want to crawl into the attic and check for cold drafts or streams of sunlight coming in. Any cracks or holes of this nature present opportunities for water to infiltrate your home. If not resolved quickly, you may encounter wood rot and end up needing a roof replacement sooner than expected. 

A Detailed Summary

Finally, our inspectors provide you with an extensive and detailed report regarding the health of your roof. They’ll explain the findings and identify budget-friendly options for repair, if necessary. If the damage is severe enough to warrant filing an insurance claim, they can also provide the report to your insurance adjuster so you can receive financial assistance with the roof repair on your Arkansas home.

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If you’re concerned about taking care of your most significant investment — your home — it’s time to call the most trusted roofing company in Arkansas — Shamrock Roofing and Construction. Contact us today to get on our calendar for your free roof inspection. You’ll rest easier knowing you have one of the most experienced roofing companies in Bentonville helping protect your home and family!