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How can leaks ruin your house

Water leaks can stay hidden for a long time before you see a visual sign, and so make sure you do not ignore it. More often than not when you see a leak on the ceiling and the leakage has already spread through most of the roof before reaching the ceiling. Water leakage can cause wood to rot and age much faster and reduce the age of the roof also making it more prone to a complete collapse.

Apart from deteriorating the material and weakening the structure leaks can also cause health hazards. Mold and fungus spores stick to damp and cold places. They grow and spread faster in damp, dark and cool places and the attic, roofs and ceiling are perfect places for it. Molds and fungi can be poisonous and dangerous if it reaches the air conditioning of your house it can spread through the entire house and be in the air you breathe. 

Leakage if ignored for a long time can damage the insulation of the house impacting the efficiency of the temperature management, and this could lead to more air conditioning and heating expenses.

If you notice the slightest leak in your roofing, contact Shamrock Roofing immediately, we will send our professional inspection personnel to have a look and provide you with a solution. Most of the time leakages are low cost quick fixes if noticed on time before it reaches the ceiling.