How Do Roof Inspections Relate to Insurance Claims?

Whether your home sports a modern slate roof or a traditional asphalt shingle roof, having adequate insurance for it is a must for every homeowner. It may sometimes seem like your homeowners insurance is a waste of money — especially if you never have a claim. But if you run into a roofing repair need, you’ll be glad you kept those premiums paid up and the policy current. Insurance can be a lifesaver when you need to use it. 

That said, many homeowners are limited in their understanding of homeowners insurance premiums and the makeup of their insurance policy. Believe it or not, regular roof inspections can impact the success of a roof insurance claim should you ever need to file one. All too often, we here at Shamrock Roofing company in Omaha see homeowners left out to dry when their claim is denied. Don’t let this be you! 

Here’s what you need to know about insurance and roof inspections.

The Professionals Know the Ins and Outs

One of the most obvious ways a roof inspection relates to your insurance claim is that roofing pros know exactly what will be covered under most policies. When you hire a team of roofers in Omaha to check out the damage on your slate or asphalt shingle roof, they assess specific features of your rooftop and document any damage in a way that is more likely to get the claim approved. Insurance providers have “magic numbers” and formulas they use to determine payouts. A qualified roofer has seen a lot of roof damage and will be able to give you an honest assessment of the situation before you spend time filing a claim. 

Hidden Maintenance Clauses

Maintenance plays a huge role in whether or not your roof insurance claim is processed successfully. While damage like leaks, water spots, dings, and punctures are bound to happen (especially in Omaha’s storm season), insurance adjusters want to make sure homeowners are being responsible leading up to these mishaps. That’s why many coverage plans have a maintenance clause tied to them. It’s best to review the details of your policy and keep detailed records of inspections performed throughout the year. In this way, you’re protecting yourself — and your roof! 

You Can Spot Problems Early

With regular roof inspections, your roofer can spot problems before they escalate and require a total roof replacement. Insurance providers love to see that homeowners are managing minor repairs leading up to a major claim, especially if the roof is more than 20 years old. In fact, many providers won’t pay for roofs with excessive age on them. That said, the best roofing companies can often get an exception to this rule by providing a thorough inspection report. If your roofer can demonstrate that your roof is in good condition despite its age, your roof insurance claim has a better chance of being paid.

Have More Questions? Shamrock Roofing Can Help!

Clearly, getting a claim approved for your asphalt or slate roof can be a challenge. But with the proper guidance from roofing professionals, you have a better chance at a favorable outcome.

Before you begin searching for a “roof repair in Omaha,” check out Shamrock Roofing and Construction. Our team has over 40 years of experience helping homeowners with roof insurance claims. We’ll help you with yours, too, making the process as smooth and painless as possible. Contact us today!