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How do we care for our veterans in Lee’s Summit?

It’s not a nice feeling when you hear the word “Homeless Veterans”. After all, they have done so much to America and to know that they are now homeless it’s a hard pill to swallow. Now there are certain groups that are coming forward and doing their bit in giving a roof to these unsung heroes.

Over 37000 veterans of America do not have homes according to a recent analysis by the Department of Housing and Human Development. The number, however, has reduced since the year 2010, there are still over 22000 of them who live in shelters that are not permanent and more than 14000 are not meant for human habitation as per reports from the department.

There are also non-profit groups situated in Kansas City and their aim is to offer transitional homes and services to the veterans in Lee’s Summit.          

Every 3 months the veterans of America will be given a roof; the purpose is to give back to Military Families that they deserve

Veterans make a better society. Let’s come together to make their continued efforts count and bring them forward. The company has an experienced team of roofers and has all the tools necessary to give the best roof for the veterans.

Shamrock is experienced and has all the knowledge for any type of roofing and give the veterans a perfect roof that can be expected in Lee’s Summit.  We provide top quality solutions for the roofs.