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How Drones are Changing the Game of Roof Inspections for Roofing Companies in Kansas City

Not only have drones revolutionized the videography industry, but they have also revolutionized the roofing industry. Drones have tremendously changed the way roof inspections are conducted, creating a safer and faster way for roofing companies in Kansas City to get the job done.  This is How Drones are Changing the Game of Roof Inspections for Roofing Companies in Kansas City!

Such an advanced piece of technology can seem very daunting and complicated, but drones have become the next phase of innovation. Many of the best roof repair companies in Kansas City have set aside their measuring wheels and lasers and have replaced them for the remote of the drone. 

Improved Accuracy and Efficiency  

With manual inspections, there is the risk for human error and bias, and requiring a person to physically inspect the roof is extremely dangerous and time-consuming. Using Roof Report from DroneDeploy, inspectors can gather more comprehensive data and analysis in minutes at a 99.4% accuracy rate, and all while standing on the ground. Roof Report provides roofing contractors in Kansas City detailed images, accurate measurements, a PDF roof report for sharing, optional pilot training services, and more. 

ROI and Customer Satisfaction 

By eliminating human error and bias, drones deliver cutting-edge roof reports and models, creating a greater sense of trust among roofing contractors in Kansas City and customers. Drones can eliminate a lot of time with any aspect of roof inspections including planning, inspecting repair sites, and more. While drones may be more expensive than traditional methods, you will receive a powerful return on investment. Drones have proven to be nearly three times faster and much more accurate. Since using a drone doesn’t require someone climbing on the roof, they are also a safer method and provide customers proactive service. Without the need for a ladder, equipment, and more than one inspector, there is also the ability to cut down labor costs. 

Attract Customers and Talent 

Because roofing companies in Kansas City can complete an inspection faster with dronesthey now have the possibility of achieving more inspections and estimates in one day. People want quick service and visual data, and drones allow for both. Like mentioned previously, accurate roof assessments from drones will deliver trust and provide more value to customers. Drone roof inspections will also grow the your roofing companies in Kansas City by attracting more job candidates and clients by showing everyone how technologically advanced your roofing company in Kansas City compares to others.