How Drones Help Roofers Provide Better Customer Service

drone shot of roof

Buying a new home is a long-term investment goal for many Americans. When closing day finally arrives, a surge of emotions hits the surface. It’s true, purchasing a new home is an emotional and worthwhile process, and there is no greater joy than settling into a space that’s all your own. In blog you find how drones are very useful for roofers for best customer service.

Homeownership is a lifelong journey, as many homeowners learn after they move in. Routine care and maintenance are essential if you want to keep your home looking as nice as it did the day you moved in. One area that requires regular maintenance is your roof. Failure to keep up with annual inspections (as recommended by some of the best roofers in Leawood) can have long-term consequences. 

Luckily, the roofing industry’s adoption of new technology is making this process easier than ever before. Drone technology is increasingly being employed to complete roof inspections in a safer, faster, and more affordable manner than your traditional roof and ladder assessment. Here are a few ways that drones help roofers provide better customer service.

Enhanced Safety

Any Leawood roofing company will tell you that completing a roof inspection can be unnerving. There are inherent risks that come with a physical inspection like this. Falls, cuts, and exposure to insects, mold, and other pests are common. The use of aerial technology — using drones — has virtually eliminated the risks associated with more traditional inspections, providing both homeowners and roofers with increased peace of mind.

Not only does enhanced safety reduce the risk of injuries, but it also reduces the liability inherent in a roof inspection. Roofing contractors must file an insurance claim if one of their employees gets hurt on the job. That’s assuming the roofer you’ve chosen to do the work has adequate liability insurance. If not, the claim may go against your homeowners insurance. The use of drones during a roof inspection alleviates nearly all of this risk.

Quality Data Collection

Drones help roofers in Leawood collect myriad data on the current condition of your roof. This data can then be used to determine the next steps if repairs or maintenance are needed. Drones can access almost any part of the property, boasting GPS capabilities, as well as high-quality imaging and video options that help the inspection prove more accurate. Many drones can feed this information into a program that then generates a comprehensive report for the homeowner.

Improved Affordability

Another benefit of drone use is improved affordability. When a Leawood roofing company completes an inspection using drone technology, they no longer need to tote a host of supplies and items formerly required for more conventional inspections. Gone are the days of ladders, scaffolding, cameras, lifts, and gear. Now roofers simply need to show up with the drone charged and ready to go. Additionally, only one roofer is needed to complete the inspection, significantly reducing labor costs. When these cost savings are passed on to consumers, everyone wins. Drone technology provides economic benefits for both contractors and homeowners. 

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