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How Drones Help with Roof Inspections

Over the years, there have been many positive changes in the roofing industry that have impacted products, installation, durability, and costs, all of which impact today’s homeowners. One example of a new technology being used in roofing in Kansas City is drone technology. The most progressive roofing companies have quietly adopted drones as tools to provide better service to their customers. The use of drones in estimating, measuring, and providing information to homeowners distinguishes them from the pack. 

We love drones at Shamrock Roofing and Construction. We regularly use them for roof inspections and roof repair in Kansas City. Here are just a few of the ways drones help us do a better job for our customers.

Improves Safety 

In the past, all reconnaissance work for roofing on a Kansas City home had to be done by climbing up onto the roof to look at areas of concern. A crew with ladders and safety lines could spend half a day just accessing the roof to figure out a course of action. Drones provide a very simple means to access the entire roof. They’re especially helpful for roofs with a steep pitch or multiple areas needing to be inspected. Within minutes, trained roofers can use a drone to see what’s going on without climbing up to the roof themselves.

Reduces Cost  

Drones have become one of the most valuable tools used by roofing companies. They dramatically reduce the cost of estimating work to be performed. Within minutes, an experienced roofer with a drone can scan an entire roof and capture high-definition video for future reference. Many drones can even estimate measurements to assist in calculating materials. In the past, estimating a roof repair on a Kansas City home could take a crew half a day. Now, drones speed up the time so roofers can get to the actual work that needs to be done.

Provides Comprehensive Information 

Another reason a roofing company might want to use drone technology is that the video can be useful for homeowners. The source video can be extremely valuable if you need to give information to an insurance company when filing a claim for damage covered under your insurance policy. You can also use the video to better understand why your roofer is recommending that certain work be performed. In many cases, the video gained from drone fly-bys is much better quality than any photos a roofer could take during an inspection.

Speeds Up Roof Inspections

New roofs are expensive. If you’re planning on purchasing an existing home, you’ll want to have the roof inspected before completing the purchase. Once you’re in the house, one of the best ways to keep a roof in working order is by purchasing a maintenance contract that includes regular roof inspections. 

Drones handle roof inspections quickly and efficiently, providing fool-proof documentation of the roof’s condition at any given time. Many new homebuyers would rather skip the roof inspection because they’re afraid it’ll take too much time, and they’ll miss out on the house they’re interested in. That’s not a worry when you work with a roofing company in Kansas City that uses drones to do roof inspections.

Call Shamrock for All Your Roofing Needs

If you’re looking for a roofing contractor to handle all your roofing needs, you may want to consider a contractor capable of using drones to scan the roof. You’ll get better-quality images and feel confident that you know all about the condition of your roof. 

Shamrock Roofing and Construction offers free roof inspections to area homeowners — and we’ll bring our drones! Contact us today to schedule an appointment.