How Long Will My Roof Last If I Am Actively Taking Care Of It?

The roof of a home is often taken for granted though it is the very thing that shields us from the rain, snow, and wind outside. It helps keep our home warm in the winter and cool in the summer months. As important as our roof is to our daily lives, it is often overlooked and for that reason, it can begin to suffer from problems such as holes and gradual loss of the material it uses to repel bad weather. The life of a roof can vary depending on the type of roof that it is. Shingle roofs last can last close to twenty years if they are given routine maintenance and inspections. However, looking at the longevity of other roofs, twenty years is not as good as it first sounds like. It is actually a very short span of life when we look at metal roofs which last close to 70 years and slate tile roofs which can last up to 200 years if they are maintained properly and given the right amount of attention annually. The life of a wood roof even beats out the life of a standard shingled roof by up to ten years. Of course, not everything has to do with the maintenance these roofs receive. The quality of material that these type of roofs are made from attribute to a large amount of the reason that they are able to endure for so long. Slate tile is made of stone and built to last through just about anything that weather or life throws at it during it’s lifespan.

A roof that is not properly taken care of will eventually start showing signs of age, far earlier than those that are maintained and are well taken care of. The material will start cracking and moss will begin growing all over. If this continues without fail, the boards will start showing signs of wear and taking on moisture. They will become soft and sponge-like. If this still continues with no active care being taken to ensure the roof remains intact, it will rot and eventually, it will just cave in. ]
Everything needs care and routine maintenance to survive, not just humans.

No matter what type of roof you have on your home, it has the potential to last for decades or longer when the right amount of care is put into it. Perform routine inspections and don’t put off fixing what seems like minor problems. Don’t take for granted having a stable roof over your head. Whether it be a metal roof or clay or even a standard wood roof, it withstands the storms that come our way. For that reason, we need to pay careful attention to how we care for it and how we maintain it daily and annually, Make sure you get the maximum years possible out of your roof.