How much does a new roof cost?

This is by far the most frequent question we have been asked during inspection and consultation. Well !! it is hard for any roofing contractor in Kansas City or anywhere to answer as there are a lot of variables and combinations that decide the “how much does a new roof cost?”. Here is a quick tip on figuring out an estimate of the cost and also understand some basics when you are speaking to roofing contractors.

Firstly we will need to look at the square feet of the total roofing area, surely you would think that your house is let’s say 1500 square feet so the roof would also be about the same or less, but this is not true. Your roofing area would be larger than that and here is why. Roofing Companies would consider every single room including parking, patio and outhouse that has a roof to calculate the roof size, and also most often than not  roofs are built on an angle which increases the area by approximately 20%.

Secondly the material of the roof also plays a major role in the pricing, some types of roofs that are used these days are wooden roofs, asphalt shingles, metal roofs, tile roofing and flat concrete roofing. Further drilling down to the types materials you have various wood types and types of tiles like cement tiles, clay tiles and terracotta tiles.

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