How Much Snow is Too Much for Your Roof?

The winter season in Kansas City is one of the most beautiful times of the year. With flat terrain and icy tree lines woven through the area’s most historic neighborhoods, the glow of the season creates a winter wonderland-like atmosphere.

However, unusually brutal winters bring an uncomfortable amount of snow, and this can wreak havoc on your home. While your neighborhood may seem charmed and peaceful on the surface, underneath the tranquil facade, excess snow on your roof may be causing invisible leaks and ice dams. In the worst-case scenario, your roof may even be at risk for collapse. It’s time to tackle disaster before it strikes. While it’s late in the season, the Midwest is unpredictable when it comes to weather. There’s a long waiting list for roofing repair in Kansas City, so follow these tips and tricks to keep your roof in good shape this spring and winter.

How Much is Too Much?

Most Kansas roofing experts can provide you with a good rule of thumb when it comes to the amount of snow that your roof can handle. It’s not the number of inches that accumulate that matters; snow is measured in weight. Light, fluffy snow weighs less than heavy, dense flakes do, and packed snow weighs more than freshly fallen snow. Most residential roofs can support snow loads of up to 20 pounds per square foot. A Kansas roof replacement is expensive, so monitor the snow accumulation on your roof every time it snows. 

How to Safely Remove Snow

If the snow accumulates faster than it can melt naturally, you may need to remove it by hand. Snow removal can be dangerous if you don’t have the right tools or the expertise to perform this meticulous task. If you absolutely must remove some of it before getting a pro out to the house, here are some tips and tricks for staying safe.

  • Make sure someone else is with you 
  • Remove all hanging icicles or debris
  • Purchase a telescopic roof rake to make it easier to reach the snow
  • Consider plastic blades to protect your roof from further damage
  • If possible, wear a safety harness

Prefer the Help of an Expert?

Some people don’t want to take the risk, and that’s okay! There aren’t many homeowners who are comfortable walking around on the roof, especially in the winter. Our team of Kansas roofing experts at Shamrock Roofing and Construction can help with all your roofing needs, including getting snow off the roof. Did you accidentally damage something while you were raking the snow off this winter? Not a problem. We’re also your go-to company for roofing repair in Kansas City. Call us today!