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How to Assess Storm Damage: A Checklist

Summer thunderstorms can bring roof damage

Midwest weather can bring some ferocious summer storms. These storms often come with high winds, heavy rain, and occasion hail. Summer storms can cause a considerable amount of storm damage to Kansas homes, leaving problems in their wake that homeowners are forced to attend to.

Anytime a storm blows through the area, it’s a good idea to have the roof checked out. A quick call to a residential roofer in Kansas City can take care of this task very efficiently. If they find any damage that needs repair, they can fix it. Most local roofers specialize in roof leak repair on Kansas City homes. 

However, there are also a few things you, as the homeowner, can do to assess the extent of any storm damage to your roof.

A Storm Damage Checklist

Run through this checklist the next time a Midwest storm sweeps through your neighborhood. It will help you assess the damage to your roof and will give you items to discuss when you call a residential roofer to look at your Kansas City home.

  • First, walk the property and make visual notes of any storm damage on your Kansas City home that’s visible from the ground. This could include shingles on the ground, guttering that’s been torn off, or large branches on the roof. Check decks, patios, and outdoor furniture for any signs of hail damage. If these items were damaged by hail, the chances are good that the roof was, too. Take pictures of what you find; they may be helpful later when you file an insurance claim.
  • Pay special attention to windows, gutters, and roofing add-ons such as vents and skylights. Inspect all windows for cracks, loose weather-stripping, or torn screens. Look for dents in guttering and on the fascia.
  • Keep an eye on ceilings, light fixtures, and the attic space for several days following the storm. Watch for leaks or water spots to appear. While the roof may not look damaged to the untrained eye, it may be that shingles were loosened or cracked during the storm, letting water sneak in where it shouldn’t.
  • As soon as possible, call a residential roofer out to your Kansas City home to do a full roof inspection. Local roofers know the type of damage typical in the Midwest. They can quickly spot issues, advise you on what needs to be fixed, and take care of the work for you.
  • Don’t forget to call your home insurance company to file a claim on any damage you have.

Call Shamrock Roofing for Storm Damage Repair in Kansas City

Shamrock Roofing and Construction specializes in all types of storm damage repair and emergency roof leak repair in the Kansas City metro area. Our experienced professionals will respond quickly to your call for help, provide a free residential roof inspection, offer a detailed inspection report, and give an estimate on the work needed to repair or replace your roof. Contact Shamrock Roofing today for more information on our emergency roof and storm damage repair services.