How to Choose the Right Roofing Contractor for Your Repairs

There’s no way around it. If you own a home, you’ll eventually need roof repairs. They’re often seen as a necessary evil when it comes to keeping your home safe and protected. But your roof is one of the most essential components of your home’s structure. That’s why choosing the right team of “roofing contractors near me” is so critical. 

It’s no secret that roofers aren’t created equal. Bentonville roofers also suffer from this malady — they don’t all warrant a five-star review. To avoid hiring a roofing contractor you’ll regret ever meeting, it’s important to do your research, collect multiple estimates, and ask the right questions — before signing a contract or entering into an agreement with them. 

Shamrock Roofing and Construction, one of the most trusted roofers in the area, offers these tips and tricks for choosing the right roofing contractor for your roof repairs.  

Do Some Digging

There’s no substitute for doing your own research, and the digital era makes this easier than ever before. With a quick Google search for “roofing contractors near me,” you’ll find a wealth of resources, including customer reviews, testimonials, ratings, and complaints. Sifting through this information will tell you a lot about a company and whether or not they’re the right fit for you. You can also check the Better Business Bureau to make sure the company is legit and scour social media sites to make sure the company’s name, logo, and contact information line up across the board. 

Review Qualifications

When selecting a team of Bentonville roofers, the right qualifications are vital to the project’s success. A state business license and adequate insurance are prerequisites for any company planning to work on your roof. Ask your contractor to provide proof of both items, and if they balk, consider someone else. You can also ask for the company’s tax identification number, business address, and insurance coverages (look for worker’s compensation and liability insurance). A company with nothing to hide will be happy to share this information with you, knowing that it will help you make a good decision. 

A Professional Contract and Trusted Payment Options

While a written contract seems like an obvious requirement for any roofing project, you’d be surprised at how many companies fail to provide formal documentation. The contract should include details like the scope of work, anticipated timeline, payment schedules, materials, the cleanup process, and a list of subcontractors. If a free roof inspection is part of the package, this should be noted too. 

Additionally, your roofer should accept a variety of payment options (credit card, check, or a secure banking platform) and should complete the work before requesting payment. Bentonville roofers who insist on a cash payment upfront may be scammers, so beware!

Another note: Many reputable roofing contractors have financing options available to those who qualify. If your budget is a little tight, don’t be afraid to ask about this way to pay.

Consider the Full Package, Not Just the Price

Last but not least, let’s talk about pricing. Going with the cheapest bid can be tempting, but this isn’t necessarily the best move. Quality roofers who are well established in the market may have more substantial costs associated with running a larger business. Expenses such as overhead on an office building, extra insurance, and salaries for skilled labor and office staff come into play. While an estimate may come in a bit higher than others, consider all these factors in your final decision. Larger roofing contractors are likely larger because they do a good job, and their customers have referred friends and neighbors to them over the years.

Shamrock Roofing Wants to Be Your Bentonville Roofer

If you’re worried about hiring the wrong roofing company, give us a call at Shamrock Roofing and Construction. During your free roof inspection and consultation, we’ll answer all your questions, provide references, and share any information you need to make the best decision. We want to be your hometown roofer. Contact us today!