How To Choose The Shingle Roofing For Your House?

If you are a house owner, you might consider installing a shingle roofing to your home, then the big question in your mind would be which is the best material to choose?

Well! It all depends on your budget and requirements, to make you understand we have come up with some of the advantages and disadvantages between a shingle and metal roofing.



It is affordable

Possibly the major reason why the asphalt shingle roofing used more is that they are this type of roofing option that is very cheap.  The asphalt shingles can protect your house for a maximum of 17 years. However, this fix could be a short-term one when you compare to materials such as metal, the affordability of the asphalt shingle often outweighs long term protection.

Variety & Color

There is no dearth of the number of variations and colors to match any style of home.

Easy installation

Proper installation of the asphalt shingle roofing does require some skills, it does not need any specialized training and can be installed quickly in a day or two, depending on the area and if any old shingles have to be removed.


Requires Periodic maintenance

Some of the tasks are fairly simple such as cleaning the debris from the roof, but if you are doing flashing then make sure that water does not seep through, shingles have not become loose due to the weather, and also there is no accumulation of moss or algae. Wooden shingles are the worst with the risk of insects, and their resistance to fire or lack of.

Short lifespan.

The lifespan of Shingle roofing is shorter because they are damaged by the weather. An asphalt roof has a maximum life span of 18 years which depends on how good they are maintained and the chosen type to install.