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How to deal with storm damage

Storms can be unpredictable and can cause severe to everything in its path and your house is one of them, roof to be more specific as it is the part of the house that is most exposed to weather. Homeowners have a hard time to figure out the damage and the steps they need to take to fix their roofs. 

Being one of the reliable roofing contractors in Omaha and Kansas here is what we suggest you do in case of a storm.

Access damages caused: 

To be able to communicate the damages to insurance and roofing company you need to know what are the damages to the roof. First make sure that you do not step out until the storm has passed completely and the weather is back to normal as stepping out or climbing the roof during the storm can be lethal for your life. 

When you get the opportunity to access the damages check for weak spots, uneven surfaces, damaged materials and leakages and list them down basis what is the maximum damage.

Make some temporary fix: 

If the damage is extreme and has exposed the loving space it puts the complete household at risk and so you need to make some quick fixes or solutions to avoid damages. Keep buckets under leaks, if possible move furniture away from the exposed are or leaks or cover them with plastic. Relocate all valuable items to a more secure location. If possible cover the roof with plastic sheets also.

Contact Insurance Company: 

The first thing that will come to your mind is to contact a roofing contractor and that is exactly what everyone would be doing, considering this contractors will be busy attending to emergencies and the other contractors who reach out to you could not be dependable as there are many contractors who temporarily move base to storm effected are to get jobs and are gone once completed. 

The best option is to contact your insurance company who work with listen roofing companies and contractors and can distribute cases effectively basis and quickly be able to send you help as well.