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How to Find & Fix a Roof Leak in Johnson County

Calling for emergency roof repair in Johnson County is great, but what if you want to locate the suspected leak in your roof first?  The source of the majority of roof leaks can be difficult to pinpoint.  To find the origin of the leak, follow this simple rule: “think like water.”  Water typically moves through worn, broken, or missing shingles in a roof, or even where nails have been loosened, which is common in roofs that are in desperate need of roof repair in Johnson County.  Other familiar locations where your leak might be originating from are roof planes, chimneys, skylights, around vents, or even poorly sealed flashings.  Here is how to find & fix a roof leak in Johnson County.

After the water has initially broken through the most top layer of your roof, it will flow along the sheathing, roof rafters, or even the topside of your ceilings until it locates a place to begin dripping.  As the best roofer in Johnson County, it is common for homeowners to have found these damaging water leaks after the water has already started to do damage.  This is why it is so important to have your trusted premium Johnson County roofing contractor to perform regular checks throughout your roof and attic.

Johnson County roofing companies will always encourage homeowners to look for leaks throughout the day and even encourage to go for a gutter cleaning.  Explore up into your attic with a bright light, and check for leaks or wet spots on the ceiling.  Once the drip has occurred, work your way up-roof, and continue looking for wet areas along the framing members.

If your area has been suffering from a dry spell, take the opportunity to check your roof and ceilings for watermarks, stains, or even mild to severe discolorations.  If you have located wet areas, turn off your lights, and try locating any spaces in your attic ceiling that sunlight is breaking through.  This will indicate if your roof has been damaged, and is letting water into your house.  Where there is light, there will be water.

Working on top of a roof can be dangerous, challenging, and nerve-racking, especially for “do it yourself” homeowners.  Remember, safety first!  If your roof is severely pitched, roofers in Johnson County will encourage against for you to perform checks or maintenance yourself.  If your roof is relatively flat, it is safer for homeowners to check their roof on their own.  Roof repair in Johnson County is prevalent but can be much less expensive if regular checks are made to your roof and ceilings.  For more roof maintenance tips and tricks, call Shamrock Roofing at (913) 850-6556 today!