How to Handle Asphalt Shingle Blister Rash

Blistering roof singles is a plague that emergency roof repair companies in Kansas City come into contact with frequently, and know exactly how to handle asphalt shingle blister rash.  It can be damaging to the functionality of your roof, and its longevity.  They are on the most controversial subject matters in the roofing industry.  Here at Shamrock Roofing, we understand what blistering roof singles mean, and how to combat them properly.  Together, let’s keep your roof safe, secure, and healthy!

How to Handle Asphalt Shingle Blister Rash

What are Blistering Roof Singles?

Inconsistent bubbles rising from inside the center, or edges, of a roof single, can identify asphalt Shingle Blister Rash.  This indicator is a premium Kansas City roofing contractor’s first sign there might be trouble.  Blistering occurs in only asphalt roof shingles, being that it is a byproduct of manufacturing or installation.  The best roofers in Kansas City know how to combat blistering from day one, by conducting proper installation and inspections of a new roof.

Usually, asphalt roofing is very durable. Blistering occurs when moisture is trapped between layers, where gasses expand from the trapped moisture, creating the bubbles you see on your roof singles presently.  Other types of resin can also release dangerous gasses that affect your roof negatively, causing more blisters.

How to Handle Asphalt Shingle Blister Rash

What Damage Can Blisters Cause?

This installation mistake often resurfaces in the form of blisters later down the road.  These blisters decrease the lifespan of your roof and will leave you calling your emergency roof repair company in Kansas City frequently.  Due to how exposed these blisters can be, they receive more damaging wear from wind and rain.  The surface layer of these blisters can be extremely thin and can result in flooding, or even more moisture entering your roofing layers.  The result of asphalt shingle blister rash is crater-like structures in your roof singles that lack the granules of the surrounding roof.  These new formed “pits,” shorten your roof’s lifespan significantly, and can leave your roof and home in even more damage if not taken care of quickly.

How to Prevent Asphalt Shingle Blister Rash

These manufacturing defects can be seen on your asphalt shingles before installation.  If not noticed at the installation phase, regular roof inspections from your best roofer in Kansas City can be an excellent source of information on these blisters future evolution, and the damage they can cause to your roof.  Premium Kansas City roofing contractors are here for you and prepared to repair any damage your roof may have fallen victim to during installation or environment.

Shamrock Roofing & Construction understands the damage blistering roof shingles can bring and is prepared to inspect and repair your roof today.

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