How to Keep Birds from Damaging a Flat Roof

For all the bird lovers out there, a newly-formed nest, colorful feather palate, or the rhythmic nature of a bird’s song can be a welcome and beautiful sight. For commercial property owners, however, the presence of a bird’s nest on the roof may lead to headaches and expensive repair bills. 

Birds can actually cause a lot of damage to a flat roof. Here are a few tips from the pros at Shamrock Roofing and Construction for protecting your commercial flat roof from bird damage.

How Much Damage Can A Bird Do?

There are several ways that birds can cause long-term destruction to your rooftop. For one, birds love to take care of their private business on a flat roof. If you take a field trip up to your roof, you may notice bird droppings galore! Birds are notorious for emitting highly acidic waste that breaks down roofing materials and causes premature deterioration. Birds may also gravitate toward the roof’s most protective features, such as gutters and water spouts, planting nests within these structures and ultimately ruining their function. In fact, water damage from a bird’s nest is one of the leading causes of commercial roof repair in Arkansas. 

Last but not least, these feathery creatures can cause myriad health and safety issues for you and your tenants. Birds are notorious for carrying diseases like E. coli and salmonella that create long-term health conditions in some people. Nests are made of naturally flammable materials (twigs and leaves) that are highly combustible given the right conditions. Also, birds can create airflow issues if they make a home in the ventilation structures of your building. 

Prevention Tips and Tricks

With all the bad news you’ve just read, you may wonder what you can do to mitigate some of these concerns. Luckily, there are steps you can take to safely — and legally — keep your flat roof a bird-free zone.

1. Tighten Up Loose Ends

One of the easiest preventative measures you can take is to seal up any holes, dips, or gaps present across the roofing membrane. These anomalies create great nesting nooks and opportunities for pooling water, which birds use to bathe or get a drink. That said, you’ll want to avoid DIY foam sealants; they actually attract birds. Instead, hire a professional roofing contractor in Arkansas to repair any problem areas.

2. Nip Any Insect Problems

Some birds feed exclusively on insects and will be drawn to your rooftop if you have a bug problem. Mosquitoes thrive in pooling water, so again, repair any low spots or areas that may cause water to pool. If you have a severe problem, your roofing contractor in Arkansas may suggest you team up with an exterminator to take care of bugs, at least every so often. 

3. Set Up Decoys

Setting up decoys is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to keep birds off the roof. Birds will avoid any areas where a predator might be lurking. Start by strategically placing a faux snake, fox, or owl on the rooftop, and see if this makes a difference in how many birds visit.

4. Texturize the Roof

Another tactic is to make the rooftop a place that’s uncomfortable and incompatible with a bird’s nesting habits. Technologies like mesh netting or vent covers, as well as anti-roosting strips, are great ways to discourage birds from utilizing your roof as a home base.

Need Help Keeping the Birds at Bay? Give Shamrock a Call!

It’s surprising how much trouble birds can wreak on a flat roof. Luckily, Shamrock Roofing and Construction offers a full menu of commercial roofing services, including roof repair in Arkansas. If birds have damaged your commercial roof, call or contact us online. We’ll help you tackle the problem quickly and with minimal harm to the birds. Let’s resolve the issue before it gets out of control!