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How To Know Whether To Repair or Patch Asphalt Shingles

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Caring for a home is a huge responsibility, especially as a new home owner. Most new home owners take on this challenge with a home that has some considerable age and maintenance issues. Among other forms of upkeep and maintenance of a home, it is important to know whether you need to repair, patch or replace your roof. If you have recently become a homeowner in Omaha and are looking for roofing contractors Omaha, Shamrock Roofing and Construction is not only rated in the 6 best asphalt roof & shingle repair pros but they love their community and are eager to serve you and your family as you venture out as new homeowners.

Signs That Your Roof Needs Attention

Algae Growth

Keep a careful eye out for green colored film covering your asphalt shingles-especially if they’ve been exposed to excess moisture and humidity.. This could be algae growing on the roof which causes weakness, deteriorating roof materials.

Missing or Broken Roof Tiles

Finding even the smallest part of the roof in the yard after a storm is a definite indicator that your roof needs to be repaired. In most cases though, it is difficult to spot whether a roof tile or asphalt shingle is missing or broken. So in order to be sure that your roof is not showing any wear and tear from seasonal weather challenges, it is highly advised to ask for an annual roof inspection.

Sagging Roof

While other signs of need for roof repair are more difficult to see, a sagging roof is more likely to be noticed from the vantage point of ground level. But what may seem a little off to the naked eye may actually be a much greater problem than expected.. A sagging roof is not only a serious concern, it may also indicate apparent danger as a sagging roof can cave in creating harm to someone in the home as well as extensive damage to rooms inside the home.

Just a few ways you can safeguard your roof from the need to repair, patch, or replace your roof is to watch out for excessive moisture, signs of growth on the roof tiles or asphalt shingles as well as keep your roof and gutters free and clear of excess debris. 

So the next time you are searching roofing contractors Omaha, remember Shamrock Roofing and Construction offers free roof inspections so that you can rest assured that your roof is in good repair.