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How To Prepare Your Commercial Roof For Winter’s Worst

One of the biggest tasks a business owner has every year is winterizing their roof, and working with commercial roofing contractors in Johnson County to ensure their roof, building, and business is safe from the dangers of winter weather.  While winter is beautiful and magical, every roof is tested during the season.  Two major tools business owners can use to protect their building from winter weather is a pre-winter safety inspection from their trusted Johnson County roofer, and forming a wintertime monitoring plan to ensure no issue goes unnoticed during this busy season.  This is how to prepare your commercial roof for winter’s worst.

Inspecting Your Roof 

In order to reduce the risks of leaks, damaged or lost shingles, or even an entire roof repair or replacement, request an inspection to be done on your roof by your premium Johnson County roofing contractor.  Every Johnson County roofing company knows and understands how important it is to routinely check your roof prior to dangerous and damaging seasons arrives.  A lot of roofing companies suggest two roof inspections are done every year: one in the fall, and one in the spring.  Ensuring that your roof is checked for any weakened areas, or previously damages sections are important and could save you thousands of dollars in the spring.

Every part of your roof system should be checked and inspected.  Roofers in Johnson County include:

  • Decking
  • Insulation
  • Underlayment
  • Surface Membrane
  • Flashing
  • Ventilation
  • Drainage

Every element of your roofing system is important, and essential for protecting you and your building from leaks or other costly damages.  Only the best roofer in Johnson County should be advised.  Ensure your roof is healthy today, with a roof inspection from Shamrock Roofing & Construction.

Forming A Wintertime Monitoring Plan

The worst nightmare of any building owner or manager is to wake up to thousands of expensive repair bills after all the snow melts and spring arrives.  Every Johnson County Roofing Company knows how crucial it is to regularly monitor your roof during the winter time.  The earlier damages are found and addressed, the cheaper they will be to repair.  This is important, especially due to the fact that the damage done to your roof during the winter comes about in a gradual, extremely imperceptible manner.

One way to prevent damage from the weight of snow on your roof is the ensure that the snow will melt.  Melting snow needs a clear pathway to your roof drains in order to not cause costly leaks, however.  One common way to fix this dilemma is to hire a radiant heating contractor to lay heat trace cables around your roof drains.  Talk to your trusted roofer today to learn what you can do!