How to repair roof shingles?

Maintenance of a sound is basically one of the top priorities in home repairs. You and your housemates will be warm and dry, along with all the other things in your house. Getting a new one is a very expensive proposition. You would want to repair the roof which will save you some bucks but if the damage is beyond repair then obviously you have to replace the shingles. Here you will know how to fix roof shingles?

In case a portion of the shingle is damaged or missing, then the entire thing has to be replaced. Initially, the shingle is fixed in place by fixing 4 nails, when the next course of shingles is fitted, however, the nails will pass through the top edge of the shingles in the course beneath.

Start by taking out the 1st row of nails, slide the pry bar beneath the shingle which is placed right above the damaged shingle, and gently lift it to free the shingle from the seal strip. The first row of nails below the shingles are exposed.

Next, the pry bar is slipped below the shingle that is damaged and pried upwards. As the nail comes up at about 1/4 inch, take out the pry bar, press down the roof shingles, and remove the nail out. Repeat this technique for all the remaining 3 nails. Then the pry bar is pushed below the shingle situated right above the shingle that is damaged and takes out the 2nd row of nails in a similar fashion. After all the nails are removed, the shingle that is damaged is taken out.

Now clean up the place and place the shingle strip on the cleaned space. Start with a drippage placing on the edge of the roof. A fell paper is placed on the drippage then place the shingles slightly overlapping each other and fix them with four nails on the corners.