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How to replace missing shingles?

A damaged roof comes with numerous problems: this gives an impression that your house is neglected. It could be serious and water could inadvertently start leaking inside your house. As a result, you will end up with damaged insulation and the growth of mold or you need replace the missing shingles.

How to fix lifted shingles in 8 Steps

Firstly, if there are many shingles that are missing/damaged, you could be running out of time, when you decide the entire roof has to be replaced. If you cannot afford to spend such high amounts of money, below are the following steps about how to fix lifted missing shingles?

Step 1.   Before you begin the work check the weather report.

The last thing you want is as you start the work the rains might force you to stop the work

Step 2.   You will need the tools and materials

You will require a flat bar, asphalt roofing cement, new shingles, and nails.

Step 3. Damaged shingles are removed

With a flat bar, separate the damaged shingles from the surrounding ones. If it’s not damaged, lift the loose shingle and spread the asphalt below.

Step 4.   Nails are removed

Hold the shingles and with the flat bar, the glue is cut, remove the nails.

Step 5.  Old shingles are slid out.

After the old shingles are slid out the new shingles are slid in.

Step 6.  Nail all the shingles

Waterproof roofing nails are used since these are long-lasting. At least four nails are used to fix the new shingles.

Step 7.  Nails are sealed

After nailing all the shingles, a sealant is applied around the nails to stop water leakage.

Step 8. Shingles at the bottom are glued.

Apply the glue at the bottom of each single and pressed down.

The steps that we have listed above are for enhancing our reader’s knowledge about shingle replacement. In no way it is a substitute for a professional job. Shingle replacement is not easy and honestly, you should not be doing it yourself. Things can get messy and cause more harm than good, that’s why we recommended getting in touch with us for all your shingle replacement needs. Contact us to know more about services.