How to replace roof shingles?

If you have the shingle on your roof is damaged by a branch of a tree or something else. You can use asphalt shingles to replace the old roof shingles and the great thing about them is that you can just fix them easily and without disturbing the rest of the roof. Unless there is some kind of emergency situation it is advisable to take time to replace the entire shingle that is damaged.

Asphalt roof shingles require little or no maintenance if they are installed in a proper manner. Firstly, remove the nails that hold the shingles on the deck of the roof. Take out the shingle by breaking with a flat pry bar.

After the sealant bond is broken on the roof shingles that has to be repaired, gently lift the shingle to expose the nails. This can be removed directly but this will lead to the granular surface of the shingles getting damaged. Therefore, it is better to lift the shingle before taking out the nail. Place the pry bar tight to the nail and pry in the upward direction on the shingle, which will remove the nail out of the deck. Lift all the nails from the target shingle.

After all the nails have been removed the sealant bond needs to be broken at this time the roof shingles will be loose and can be easily removed.  Take the new shingle and place it in its position. Nails should be fixed on the targeted shingle. Finally, all the sealant bonds on the shingle should be broken, and apply 3 small spots of asphalt plastic roofing cement below the replaced shingle which are placed evenly along the length of the shingle.

If you want to know How to replace the shingle on the edge of the roof? Then the same method needs to be followed.