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How to Tell if Your Roof is Failing

How do you know if your roof is failing?

One of the most common conundrums that homeowners are faced with is knowing when their roof is starting to fail. The pros at Shamrock Roofing and Construction, premier roofers in Kansas City, offer the following advice to help homeowners determine when it’s time to call in local Kansas City roofers for residential roof repair or new roof installation.

Signs that Your Roof May Be Failing

Here are some of the most visible signs of a failing roofing system.

Spots on the ceiling

If you notice brown spots or patches on the ceiling, you may have water leaking in from up above. If there’s a leak in the roof, water gets in and pools in your ceiling. This soaks the ceiling material and creates wet spots that then dry to a brownish color. While you may not notice water dripping from the ceiling right away, it’s only a matter of time before that happens. It’s best to call professional Kansas City roofers for help at the first sign of water stains on the ceiling.

Granular matter in the gutters

Another sign of a failing roof is an increase in granular matter in your gutters. Asphalt shingles are covered with this granular matter. It’s normal for a little of it to wash off during a heavy rainstorm. But if you notice an abundance of these little granules in your guttering, you’re probably about due for a new roof. Schedule a roof inspection with local roofers in Kansas City to get it checked out.

Missing or loose shingles

A well-constructed roof is composed of shingles that all lay flat and uniformly smooth against the roof. As a roof ages, the exposure to sunlight, heavy rains, hail, and other factors such as tree limbs and small animals take a toll. Eventually, even the best roof wears out. If you notice that you have a few shingles missing or the edges of the shingles look like they’re starting to loosen or curl, you may be in need of residential roof repair.

The roof is sagging

Stand out by the street and take a good look at your house. Are the roof lines straight, or do you notice areas that are starting to sag? If your roof is sagging, that’s a definite sign that you’re due for a new one. Your roof may just be old and deteriorating. Or it may have been installed incorrectly in the first place. Another possibility is that your roof has had to support too much weight during the winter due to heavy snows and ice buildup. A sagging roof is a serious problem. It could eventually collapse, so if you notice that your roof is starting to sag, call Kansas City roofers immediately to have it checked out. 

Shamrock Roofing Specializes in Residential Roof Repairs and Installation

Shamrock Roofing and Construction specializes in all types of residential and commercial roofing issues. Whether you need a roof inspection, residential roof repair, or a whole new roofing system, we have the experience and the know-how to get it done. We’ve been trusted roofers in Kansas City since 1977. We know a little bit about roofing matters, and we’re happy to talk to you about yours. Contact us for information about our free residential roof inspections or to get answers to your roofing-related questions.