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Is Lee’s Summit expensive to live-in?

Whenever people plan on moving from one city to another the first question that looms the mind is, how expensive living in a particular place would be? This is something that’s quite natural and comes with the process. Moving to Lee’s Summit would also have similar questions in mind. That’s what we would attempt to answer here. 

Cost of living anywhere including Lee’s Summit is highly dependent on the lifestyle choices we make and the number of people that comprise our family. However, there are certain baseline things that would determine the affordability of the city. 

In the case of Lee’s Summit, the housing, goods and services and even to some extent education are pretty affordable. The per capita income of the city is also high when compared to many cities in the US. That being said the cost of owning a house although is affordable in one sense, still, it is on the higher side when you compare it to some similar-sized cities. 

Utilities are slightly below cost-wise when compared to the national average and so is transportation and health. Cost of groceries is marginally higher than the national average but that’s ok for a city of this size. 

Overall, Lee’s Summit is cheaper to live than most of the other places in the country. It’s safe and provides ample opportunity for growth too. In a nutshell, living here is not that expensive and you would find more pros of living and work here than cons.