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Keeping the Critters Out: Steps You Can Take

squirrel on roof

One of the biggest challenges of maintaining any home is keeping unwanted pests away from your roof. Nothing can be more distressing than dealing with unwanted scratching and squealing noises coming through the ceiling of your home. The presence of critters on the roof is not just a nuisance; it can cause damage to the roofing, resulting in expensive repairs in the future.  Animal infestation may be preventable if you take the proper steps.

Shamrock Roofing and Construction, one Des Moines’ premier residential roofing contractors, specializes in all roofing issues, including consulting and advising homeowners on what to do if they suspect that critters have moved in. They even offer a free roof inspection for homeowners who suspect they may have roof damage from animal infestation.

Here are a few tips for preventing animal infestation from the pros at Shamrock Roofing. 

Trim Trees

Residential roofing contractors agree that one of the best ways to keep animals off the roof is to make sure you don’t give them easy access. How many times have you seen a squirrel jump from a tree branch onto the roof? Untrimmed branches that hang close to the house serve the purpose of giving squirrels and other critters “ladders” to your roof. Keeping tree branches from growing too close to the house is an excellent way to cut down on animal traffic on the roof, which may cause damage. Keep tree branches trimmed back a minimum of eight feet from the roofline. Squirrels are known for their jumping prowess!

Keep Trash Well Contained

Pesky rodents and other animals love garbage. Many of them can smell food scraps miles away. If you’re trying to keep these pests away from your house, it’s crucial to make sure trash is contained, and lids are tightly closed at all times. You might want to consider tying down or weighting trash can lids so that rats and raccoons cannot get them off. These two species are notorious for breaching trash cans at night. 

Keep Gutters Clear 

Because gutters collect a lot of leaves and other debris, they make for great nesting areas for birds. They also attract insects that are drawn to the moisture of leaves. If left unchecked, your gutters could become a breeding ground for unwanted pests. To eliminate this problem, be sure to clean your gutters out regularly. Water flow through the gutters should be adequate to flush out any leaves, twigs, or acorns that accumulate and prevent any water from pooling. None of that can happen if the gutters are full all the time.

Many roofers in Des Moines provide this service. Give one of them a call to help out. Roof repair in Des Moines is more easily managed when you take proactive steps to prevent problems.

Check the Attic and Roof Regularly 

One of the best ways to ensure that you don’t have a critter infestation is to have the roof and the attic inspected regularly by qualified residential roofing contractors. Many offer a free roof inspection for area homeowners for just this purpose — to assess the current state of the roof and identify any damage that needs to be repaired. It’s better to know sooner than later if you have a problem so you can get any damage fixed before it turns into a total roof replacement. Scheduling regular roof maintenance once or twice a year is an excellent way to protect your most significant investment — your home.

Worried about Critters on the Roof? Call Shamrock Roofing and Construction! 

If you’re worried that you may have uninvited guests on the roof or in the attic, call Shamrock Roofing for help. We have over 55 years of experience handling issues just like this. We’re happy to come out and see what’s going on. 

Contact us today for more information or to schedule an appointment. We’ll help you get rid of those little pests in no time!