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Ladder Safety For Roofing In Kansas City

If you plan to do any roofing projects on your own instead of hiring roofing contractors in Kansas City, it is absolutely crucial to invest in your safety. Ladder injuries and falls are the leading cause of deaton construction sites every year, which is why we at Shamrock Roofing and Construction, a premier roofing company in Kansas City, suggest taking the following ladder safety tips seriously.   


Ladder Inspection 

Before climbing a ladder, the best roofing companies in KC always first inspect it carefully. A damaged ladder puts you at a high risk of injury and falling. 

  • Read and follow all labels and warnings from the manufacturer that is on the ladder 
  • Check for any loose nails, screws, bolts and other parts  
  • Never use a ladder that has rust or corrosion on it 
  • Look for rough surfaces, sharp edges, cracks, or broken rails 
  • Check for defective locks 


Ladder Set Up and Climbing 

After your ladder has passed inspection, roofing companies in Kansas City recommend making sure it is set up correctly. 

  • Ensure your ladder is supported on a firm, level surface 
  • Never place a ladder on anything to extend your reach, such as stacked boxes 
  • A straight ladder should be leaning at a 75 degree angle 
  • The ladder should extend at least 3 ft. above the landing platform 
  • Make sure all locks are fastened 


Ladders are no joke, which is why OSHA even has regulations on ladder safety for roofing companies in Kansas City and around the country. Being aware of the risks that are involved with using ladders and knowing how to prevent injury is very important. To learn more about ladder safety, you can visit the Occupational Safety and Health Administration website.  


If you don’t have the proper ladder or don’t feel up to the task of doing your roofing projects, leave it to Shamrock Roofing and Construction, the best roofer in Kansas City. Our employees are well trained and versed in handling ladders properly and all eco-friendly roofing practices. For residential or commercial roofing in Kansas City, give us a call today.