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Luxury Roofs for Chesterfield Homes

luxury roofs in Chesterfield

Luxury roofs are on the radar of many homeowners across the country, and local Chesterfield homeowners are no exception. Designer roofing presents local homeowners with an option for a high-quality upgrade that offers an air of elegance and splendor. From the European flair of Ludowici tile to trendy slate roofs from Davinci Roofscapes, designer roofs are a glamorous addition to any home. 

If you’re in the market for a new roof, here are a few reasons to consider a luxury roof rather than traditional asphalt or shake shingles.

Unique, Customized Aesthetics

The most highly-touted feature of designer roofing is its aesthetic appeal. Some designer roofs are sourced from high-quality materials (like fiberglass), and the slabs are made to emulate the look of slate, cedar, and luxurious terra cotta tile. Other designer roofs – like Ludowici tile – are made using old-school processes that have stood the test of time. Customization is also an option, especially when opting for a tile roof in Chesterfield. An eclectic blend of colors and textures is available to make a roof that’s unique to your home and customized to suit your tastes. 

In addition to the color and texture makeup, luxury roofs (especially those made of Ludowici tile) are known for their multi-dimensional effect. Staggered lines and finely sculpted edges exude the perfect blend of silhouette and dimension for curb appeal you won’t find with other roofing options. These aesthetics make for a fine package when it comes to resale value and the everyday enjoyment of your home. 

The Best Materials 

Davinci Roofscapes and Ludowici tiles are built of the highest quality materials. They also tend to be more durable than your average rooftop. The dual-layered makeup of many luxury roof shingles makes them more resistant to elements like wind, rain, and fire, offering an added element of protection and security.

Plus, luxury roof materials are also well-known for being environmentally friendly. In fact, Ludowici tiles are 100% recyclable, making them reusable at the end of their (very long) lifespan. This nod to sustainability and durability makes luxury roofing a contender for homeowners looking to take curb appeal up a notch.    

A Solid Warranty Offering

Although designer roofs come with a sizable price tag, most homeowners agree that the result is worth it. Luxury roof manufacturers stand by their products, and many luxury roofing companies offer a lifetime warranty. If you’ve found your forever home, investing in a luxury tile roof in Chesterfield may be the perfect next step for you! 

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