Manufacturer Highlight: DaVinci Roofscapes

Just over 20 years ago, a company in Lenexa, Kansas, revolutionized the roofing industry with a brand-new product line. DaVinci Roofscapes introduced unique material and manufacturing processes that altered the industry forever. If you’re considering new roofing for your Kansas City home, you’ll want to know about DaVinci Roofscapes.

Outlining the Challenge

Many years ago, DaVinci looked at cedar shake and slate roofs and listed some of the advantages and disadvantages of both types of roofing. Although cedar was a popular choice among homeowners, its lack of durability and flammable characteristics made it increasingly less desirable for roofing in Kansas City. Slate, on the other hand, was beautiful and classy-looking but was extremely expensive and weighed more than any other roofing material, often requiring expensive structural support for the home. Slate, being a natural stone, was also prone to impact damage that compromised its overall durability.

Solving the Challenge

DaVinci solved the significant disadvantages of both shake and slate roofs by developing a composite polymer resin that can be molded to match the original roofing material. Suddenly homeowners had the option of purchasing a composite roof with all the best qualities of slate or cedar shakes and none of the disadvantages. 

The design process developed by DaVinci Roofscapes is unique in several ways. It allows the company to make precise look-alikes of other roofing materials, specifically slate tiles and cedar shakes. The manufacturing process also allows the company to mix color throughout the tile during the molding process. This is a benefit to area homeowners. DaVinci roofs don’t fade or get worn-looking like other composite roofs. The roof stays as beautiful as the day it was installed!

DaVinci Does It Right

DaVinci “cedar shake” roofs are made of thick construction with deep grooves and realistic wood grain patterns that mimic real cedar. But you don’t get the curling, cracking, and rotting that come with cedar. A Class 4 impact rating and Class A fire rating make this roof the perfect choice for area homeowners — especially those in neighborhoods that no longer allow cedar shake roofs because of the fire hazard. DaVinci shake roofs are virtually maintenance-free too. Another reason for homeowners to love them!

Natural slate roofs are heavy. DaVinci slate roofs weigh much less, so they can be installed on virtually any home, regardless of the roof structure. Modeled with natural, non-repeating patterns that look just like actual slate, this realistic product is an excellent choice for homeowners who’ve always admired the look of a slate roof. DaVinci slate enjoys the same durability and fire-resistance ratings as its cedar shake sibling, and both are backed by a Lifetime Warranty from DaVinci Roofscapes.

Contractors specializing in roofing in Kansas City love DaVinci products because they offer unique solutions for area homeowners.

Shamrock Roofing and DaVinci Roofscapes Go Together

We’ve used DaVinci Roofscapes products for years at Shamrock Roofing and Construction. It’s a local company we know and trust to deliver the high-quality roofing our customers love. 

If you’re searching for new roofing in Kansas City, consider DaVinci Roofscapes first. Not only does it look superb, but it’ll likely be the last roof you’ll ever need. Contact us today for more information about shake and slate roofs from DaVinci Roofscapes. Your neighbors will never know it’s not the real thing!