Metal Roof Questions? We Have Answers!

Metal roofs are popular with homeowners

Metal roofing in Kansas City is gaining in popularity with homeowners these days, and for good reason. Advances in modern roofing technology have allowed manufacturers to make metal roofing materials that look like traditional asphalt, tile, or slate shingles that homeowners are familiar with. Add to that a new array of colors and other textures, and you have a roofing solution that meets nearly any homeowner’s criteria.

Here are a few FAQs that address the most common questions asked of a Kansas roofing company that does metal roofing installations. 

Top Metal Roofing FAQs

Q: Is a metal roof noisier than other roofs?

A: This is one of the most commonly asked questions regarding metal roofing in Kansas City. Many homeowners fear that they won’t be able to hear themselves think when it rains on their new metal roof. There’s actually very little difference in the noise level when comparing a metal roof to traditional asphalt shingles, tile, or slate roofs. All roofs have an underlayment that helps muffle sound, and attic insulation also helps in this area.

Q: Will a metal roof stand out or look out of place in my neighborhood?

A: Not at all! Today’s metal roofing is designed to look like many other roofing materials – slate, clay tile, asphalt, or cedar shake shingles. Available in various colors, a metal roof blends seamlessly into the neighborhood, enhancing your property with a fresh new look. It may stand out, but that’s because it looks so good!

Q: Does a metal roof last as long as more traditional roofing materials?

A: The average lifespan of metal roofing in Kansas City is between 30 and 50 years or more. An asphalt roof typically lasts somewhere between 12 and 20 years. Cedar shingles deteriorate over time and usually need to be replaced in less than 20 years. Clay tile and slate roofs may last longer than 50 years if well cared for, but they’re more susceptible to breakage from falling limbs or large hail.

Q: Do metal roofs hold up well in extreme weather conditions?

A: Yes. Metal roofing has a 140-mph wind rating, making it more than adequate for most Midwest weather conditions. Metal roofs also shed snow quickly, making them a good choice for areas with moderate to heavy snowfall. 

Q: Is lightning more likely to strike my house if I have a metal roof?

A: No, not at all. Extensive research shows that a house with a metal roof is no more likely to be hit by lightning than a house with any other conventional roofing system. Metal roofing is non-combustible and has a Class A fire-resistance rating – the highest in the industry. So your home is actually safer with a metal roof.

Q: What about maintenance? Is a metal roof easy to take care of?

A: Metal roofs are incredibly durable and require little maintenance to keep them looking good and functioning properly. Keep the roof cleared of debris, keep the gutters clean, and try not to walk on the roof more than necessary. Make sure branches are trimmed away from the house, so they don’t touch the roof. Have a local Kansas roofing company come out every other year to inspect the metal surface for scratches, chipping, or excessive fading, and to check all the fasteners, screws, and rivets.

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