Metal Roofs Benefit from a Coat in the Summer

Adding a coating to a metal roof extends its life

Most business owners don’t give the roof of their building a second thought until something happens to force them to think about it. Industrial roofing projects in Kansas City are designed to last for up to 20 years or more, so it’s not uncommon for commercial building owners to ignore the roof for ten of those years – or longer. But if your building has a metal roof, you might want to give it some attention before that. Commercial roofers in Kansas City know that there are steps you can take to protect your roof and extend its lifespan – but you have to act sooner rather than later to get the benefits.

Harmful Effects of Sun on a Metal Roof

The sun’s harmful UV light can do a number on a metal roof. IR radiation from the sun can heat a metal roof to as high at 180° on hot summer days. During night hours, the temperature on the roof usually falls to around 90°. This wide fluctuation in temperatures causes the metal to expand and contract during a relatively short period. Flashing, seams, fasteners, and other roofing components often have a hard time handling these extreme variations and may loosen or break as a result, letting moisture seep in where it shouldn’t. 

A metal roof also impacts the internal temperature of the building. As the roof heats up, the thermal effect is felt down below. The air conditioning has to work harder to maintain a comfortable temperature for workers or tenants below. And as any business owner knows, higher utility costs are bad for the bottom line.

Put a Coat on It – Reflective Roof Coatings are the Solution

Connecting with an industrial roofing contractor in Kansas City to add a reflective coating to your metal roof will help with all of the above issues. Reflective roof coatings are made of substances that reflect a portion of the sun’s UV rays off of the roof. This helps lower the temperatures on the roof, which reduces the amount of expansion and contraction that the roof goes through on a daily basis. This saves wear and tear on roofing components that have been under stress by this constant fluctuation. Reflective coatings also help reduce thermal transference into the building below, meaning less heat is absorbed, and the space below stays cooler. This results in lower cooling costs and a more comfortable work or living environment for the building’s occupants.

While it may seem more cost-effective just to replace bolts and screws as they wear out, over the long term, the damage done to a metal roof by the sun’s harsh rays will result in more significant repair bills. A reflective coating is a better long-term solution.

Call Shamrock Roofing for a Commercial Roofing Evaluation in Kansas City

If you’re concerned about the extended effects of the sun on your metal roof, give the pros at Shamrock Roofing and Construction a call. We’ll come out and perform a commercial roofing evaluation on your Kansas City building to see what condition your roof is in. Then we’ll help you determine the most cost-effective option for protecting your roof and extending its life. Contact us today to schedule a commercial roofing evaluation for your Kansas City property.