Modern Roof Angles

Your roof is one of the most important aspects of your home and therefore it deserves to be impeccable and must add value to the property. A flat roof is low maintenance and offers a range of upgrade options such as adding a solar panel, or turning it into a lounge space for those barbeque weekends or converted to a garden for the people with love for nature. The installation process is quicker, cost effective and safer. There are various types of roof angles. Most common ones are flat roofs and pitched roofs. A flat roof has a pitch of about 15° to the horizontal. A pitched roof has a pitch of at least 15°. A thatched roof is often 45° or more while a slate tile roof can be much flatter at about 35°. Pitch Roofs with pitches of 10° to 20° are often called low pitched roofs.

The triangle-like shape of a pitched roof protects against environmental hazards such as heavy rain and snowfall. Pitched roofs also allow natural ventilation between the outer layer and the building. A flat roof is cheaper and less risky while installation, the repair or replacement process is faster and easy, It is also safer in terms of cleaning, installing additional equipment as the risk of falling is less in comparison to pitched roofs. However, the flat angles do reduce the indoor living space.

There are multiple options of roofing angles, what you need to decide is what you want to  do with your roof, if you plan to use the roof space to build a social area or for a personal pace then flat is the best solution. If you plan on rain water harvesting, increasing ventilation or making your home more efficient then having a angle is preferred with a good gutter system.