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More Questions to Ask a Residential Roofer

Residential roofers want to hear your questions

Last month we covered several of the top questions that homeowners might want to ask a residential roofer before they have any roofing work done on their Overland Park or Kansas City home. This month, we follow up with a few more pertinent questions that will help homeowners decide whether they have the right roofing contractor for the job.

Finding the Right Contractor

Storm damage from Kansas weather may have you searching for a reputable contractor who can handle all your roofing needs – including roof leak repair on your Kansas City area home. Ask these questions of any roofing contractor you’re considering. The answers will help you decide whether they’re the one you want to work with or not.

#1. Will you provide a written estimate?

No homeowner should let a roofing contractor start work with getting an estimate in writing first. Most local roofing contractors are happy to provide this. Having a written estimate helps you understand the scope of the work that’s about to be performed. For instance, if you need roof leak repair, a Kansas City roofer will include that in the estimate. If you see anything missing or have questions about the work that’s being done, this gives you a chance to ask before the work starts.

#2. How will you protect my landscaping and driveway during the work?

Roof work requires a lot of equipment and tools. It’s normal to be worried about your landscaping, especially if it’s close to the house. Most roofers allow for this and come prepared to take preventive measures to keep your yard and driveway free of debris and damage-free during the project. Go ahead and ask them where they plan to put their ladders and how they’ll handle the situation if a bush is damaged beyond repair. A reputable roofer will take care of your roofing needs with the least possible damage to your driveway and landscaping.

#3. What happens if it rains while you’re working on my roof?

This is another good question. Kansas City weather doesn’t always cooperate with roofing schedules. Most roofing jobs require dry weather so that they can get done safely and on schedule. This can cause challenges if a roofing job is only half finished when it starts raining. Ask how they’ll handle this situation. How will they protect your home from the rain? How will they secure the job site so moisture doesn’t get in where it shouldn’t be?

#4. Do you haul away all your trash?

Roofing projects can get messy, and there’s a lot of trash involved, especially if an old roof is being torn off. Ask your roofing contractor if they will be bringing in a dumpster to haul away the old roof. Make sure they’re going to take all their trash with them, including water bottles and refuse from lunches. When they leave, your home and yard should look as beautiful and clean as they did before the roofers got there.

Shamrock Roofing Wants to Be Your Hometown Contractor

If you’re looking for a local roofing company that has the right answers to all the above questions and then some, Shamrock Roofing and Construction is the contractor for you. We’ve developed a reputation over the past 55 years for professionalism, reliability, and trustworthiness. If you have storm damage from a Kansas thunderstorm, need roof leak repair on your Kansas City property, or have general roofing needs in Overland Park, give us a call. We’re happy to come out and do a free residential roof inspection to see how we can help. Contact us today!