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Multi-Family Complexes: Shamrock Has the Process Down

apartment building roofs need special planning

Taking care of multi-family complexes can be a hassle. It’s kind of like taking care of a home but on a much larger scale. Rather than installing a few new windows when the time comes, you have to install hundreds of them. Rather than fixing one relatively small roof on a single-family home, you have to fix a roof that covers multiple dwellings underneath. Property managers often have their hands full managing these details.

When it comes to putting a new roof on multi-family complexes such as apartment buildings, senior living centers and the like, Shamrock Roofing and Construction is one of the best roof replacement companies in Kansas City. We have the process down. We can get the roof on in the minimum amount of time, limiting the disruption to the families and individuals living in these multi-family units, making property managers’ lives easier.

Start with a Commercial Roofing Evaluation for Your Kansas City Property

Any quality roofing job on a Kansas City property starts with a comprehensive roof inspection. Shamrock Roofing offers commercial roofing evaluations for Kansas City properties throughout the metro area. Our roofing professionals will access the roof and take a good look at what’s going on up there. They’ll inspect any points where moisture could be an issue: skylights, vents, flashing, drainpipes and gutters. They’ll also look for pooling water, as this could be a sign that drains are blocked. If necessary, we’ll use drones to get a better look at the roof from above and take pictures for use in the roof evaluation report.

Once the inspection is complete, the property manager will be sent a detailed report with the results of the evaluation. It will explain what we found and then outline next steps if subsequent work needs to be done.

Replacing the Roof Can Take as Few as 21 Days

At Shamrock Roofing, we focus on doing a quality job in the shortest amount of time. If it turns out your building needs a new roof, we can do it in as few as 21 days. We’ve worked hard to streamline our process. We know that property managers have a lot on their plates, and it’s our job to make their load lighter. The quicker we can get the roof replaced – and the less inconvenience to building residents – the happier they are.

Replacing the roof on a multi-family property takes skill and coordination. Managing the sky lifts, removing the old roof, bringing in dumpsters and disposing of the debris, getting the new roofing materials delivered on time, and then putting the new roof down is a finely tuned process. Each step depends on the successful implementation of the previous step. If anyone misses a deadline, it pushes the whole project out. Shamrock Roofing has this process down to a science.

Shamrock Offers Quality Roofing in Kansas City

Our goal is to provide a premium-quality roofing job for your Kansas City property and minimize the disruption to the tenants living in the building. If you’re looking for roofing assistance for your multi-family complex, contact Shamrock Roofing and Construction for a commercial roof evaluation. If it turns out that it’s time for a new roof, you’ll get the best roof replacement in Kansas City. That’s our promise to you!