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Need a Commercial Roofing Contractor? Here’s What to Look For

Commercial roof surface

If you’re a commercial property owner, you know that your investment doesn’t stop with the building’s purchase. For as long as you own it, you’ll need to keep up with the maintenance on it – and that can be substantial, depending on the size of the building or the number of properties you own.

One of the most crucial features to stay on top of is the status of the roof. Roofing issues can escalate out of proportion if not identified and quickly remedied. And roofing repairs can be costly. Jumping on a problem before it has a chance to get worse may mean the difference between making a profit this year or just making ends meet.

Working with Reliable Commercial Roofing Contractors

Many Kansas City roofing contractors specialize in commercial roofing services. It’s important to identify one that you feel comfortable with and start developing a good working relationship – before you need roofing services for your Kansas City building. That way, when you do have an issue, you know who to call for help. This saves a lot of time, especially important if your roof-related issue is urgent.

Look for Contractors That Meet These Requirements

If you’re in the market for reputable commercial roofing contractors, use this checklist to find the one that’s the most qualified to handle your roofing business. These are the things to look for or ask about during your search.

Licenses and Registration. Is the contractor licensed to do business in your state and city? Are they a registered commercial roofing business? Any legitimate commercial roofer will be happy to show you proof that they meet all the license and registration requirements needed to do business on your property in Kansas City.

Insurance. Another question to ask is whether or not they’re insured. You need a commercial contractor who has general business liability insurance. If anyone gets hurt while working on your roof, you need to make sure the contractor’s insurance, not yours, will cover the accident.

Local versus national. Does the contractor you’re considering offer roofing services only in Kansas City? Or are they part of a larger company that works outside the local area? Working with a local commercial roofing contractor is a plus when it comes to getting the best roofing advice. Local contractors are familiar with Midwest weather conditions, local neighborhoods, city and county code restrictions, and other area-specific details that a national contractor may not be familiar with. Local contractors are also more readily available to help when you need it.

Experience. How many commercial jobs has the roofing contractor done? What types of commercial buildings has he or she worked on? Take a look at the website to see if they have pictures of the properties they’ve worked on. There are many different types of commercial roofs. You want to make sure that the contractor you choose has experience working on the kind of roof that’s on your building.

The Local Choice in Commercial Roofing

There are many other things to look for when searching out reliable commercial roofing contractors. Shamrock Roofing and Construction meets all the requirements noted above and then some. We’ve been working on roofs in Kansas City for more than 55 years, offering commercial and residential roofing services in the Kansas City market. We’d love to be the commercial roofing contractor of choice for all your properties. Contact us today to introduce yourself!