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Need a New Roof? 4 Reasons to Go with Metal

Like it or not, replacing a roof is part of owning a home. If you live in your house for any length of time, you face the possibility of a roof replacement sometime down the road. If you’re considering replacing your roof anytime soon, you might want to look into the broad options now available with metal roofs. 

When many people think about the prospect of using a metal roof on their house, the old image of a rusty tin roof on a barn comes to mind. This outdated reputation has quickly changed over the years. New designs, colors, and style options available with metal roofing make this material one of the upgrades Overland Park homeowners are excited about.

If you’re planning a roof replacement in Kansas City this year, here are four reasons you might want to consider installing a metal roof on your home.

#1. Aesthetics 

In the past, a traditional metal roof would offer up an endless array of standing seams. It would stand out because of the ribs dominating the roof. This is no longer the case. Metal roof manufacturers have figured out how to make metal roofing tiles that look like slate, cedar shakes, and terra cotta. The metal is formed to mimic the texture of these materials resulting in something that looks so close to the real thing the neighbors will never know the difference. It is virtually impossible to tell the difference between real cedar, slate, or terra cotta compared to replicas made from aluminum. 

There’s also an impressive selection of colors that will enhance any architectural style. If you want to take your curb appeal up a notch, you can’t go wrong with metal roofing.

#2. Durability

When looking at conventional roofing in Kansas City, the typical roof is estimated to last less than 25 years. This isn’t the case with metal roofs. Metal roofing is much more durable than the cedar used in wood shake installations. It’s also superior to slate in its ability to withstand the elements. The use of rust-resistant attachments and fasteners also extends the lifespan of a typical metal roof. The best manufacturers use superior state-of-the-art finishes that reflect sunlight and keep colors fresh for decades. A modern metal roof has a lifespan of 60+ years, far more than a conventional asphalt roof. 

#3. Energy Efficiency

Most people don’t realize that a metal roof is considerably more energy-efficient than other roofing materials. Instead of absorbing the summer’s heat like shake or composite roofs, metal roofs have a protective coating that effectively reflects the solar heat from the roof’s surface. Studies have shown that homeowners who have installed metal roofs can realize up to 40% savings on summer energy bills. 

#4. Other Savings

When homeowners look at roofer overland park, they neglect to consider some of the small cost savings available with a metal roof. Given the fact that metal roofs are one of the best materials for fire prevention, you could save a lot on your homeowner’s insurance. Your metal roof may save your home if you live in an area that is subject to wildfires. 

Call Shamrock Roofing to Discuss Options

If you have to replace your roof this year and are looking at roofing options in Kansas City, you should definitely consider a metal roof for your home. Not only will it be the last roof you put on the house, but it will give you many decades of maintenance-free performance. Shamrock Roofing and Construction has been installing metal roofs in Overland Park for years. Give us a call with any questions you have. We’ll come do a free roof inspection to get you started. Contact us today to make an appointment.