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We are a go to roofing contractors in Kansas city across the many commercial roofing in Omaha and Kansas for new construction projects. We see through the project from plan to reality executed and by our expert team of estimators, project managers, supervisors and skilled workers. We understand the details that go into every new construction and with the experience which we have gained through being the your roofing contractors in Kansas city, shamrock roofing is able to deliver efficient and cost effective construction. There are multiple roofing options that you can choose for like metal roofs, flat cement roof, tiles, wooden roofs or glass roofing. There are many roofing contractors in Kansas city but do not make the mistake that the cheapest Kansas city roofer is the best option. Read through the proposal and the fine lines about the materials being used, the warranty for the materials and warranty of the service.

New construction requires experience and well coordinated planning and execution, this is where we step in with our team which carries decades of cumulative experience and passion towards what we do best which is putting a roof over your head for the years to come through the seasons that pass. Give us a call for any roofing needs you and we will send out our team of professionals to check on your needs. We will inspect your property for the requirements based on your needs and move along with the next steps of quotation, project execution and completion.